Rob Bozovich Marathon Training Journal – Entry 1

The following will be an ongoing journal written by Rob Bozovich and provided to Fat Slow Triathlete chronicling his training as he prepares for the Pittsburgh Marathon in May 2018.

Sunday, December 31, 2017 (-1) days until training starts.

It’s New Year’s Eve and we are near DC visiting friends. Tomorrow starts marathon training. It’s all the same, but it’s all different. I started running to lose weight, I picked a marathon because it seemed unobtainable. Over the years I have completed 6 marathons in 4 states. The year will be the first time I’ve repeated a race (Pittsburgh).

Why repeat a race; and why this race? Pittsburgh was my (unintentional?) PR. I lost weight and trained well for the race, the unintentional part was I was on a run streak (a mile a day) and a month prior to the race I was doing at least a 5k a day. Part of it might have been luck though. In 2\3 of my remaining marathons I have weighed less and had a better nutrition plan, but my times have been worse. I might write about that later but we will pass over that for now.

So what will be the same\different? This time I plan to follow the Hanson marathon method training plan. In short, it’s 6 days of running a week with a minimum of 6 miles a day. I might add one mile on those rest days, we will see. I’ll also be training fasted most of the time, following a mostly NSNG diet (similar to paleo/raw/clean google Vinnie Tortorich if you are unfamiliar). I’ll write a few lines a day chronicling the workouts, more if things of interest happen. I’ll try to write a weekly recap as well.

My goal weight to race at will be under 200lbs (currently 213).
My goal finish time is under 4hours (current PR is 4:02). I would really like to go 3:45.

Notes for my training plan.

Based on the 3:45 target finish, from page 92-93 of the book, my paces should be:
Recovery: 11:01
Easy Aerobic A: 10:21
Easy Aerobic B: 9:39
Moderate Aerobic/Long Run: 9:18
Marathon Pace/Tempo: 8:35
Strength: 8:24
10K Speed: 7:52
5K Speed: 7:33

Monday, January 1, 2018, Day 1

I bundled up, faced the cold and headed out in 10 degrees (before windchill) for my first easy 6 miler. I took a nice loop around/through DelRey and Alexandria. The run was mostly uneventful. My nose hairs were freezing as I was breathing but that’s to be expected. I completed 6.67 miles in 1:03:10 for an average pace of 9:28 min/mile.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018, Day 2

I was back home today so I went to the YMCA and hit a treadmill. The temperature has not changed much but people are not as vigilant about clearing their sidewalks and more are snow or ice covered than are clear. I’m not going to run before dawn or after dark on icy areas. There was a discrepancy between my watch and the treadmill. I completed the 6 miles on my watch so I know I completed it, then adjusted the distance to match. I completed 6.5 miles in 56:08 for an average pace of 8:38 min/mile.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018, Day 3

Today (and all Wednesday’s are the only rest days per week) it was 0 degrees with wind chills way into the negative temperatures. A great day not to workout. I actually flipped through the book (training plan) again and noticed that, technically, training is to start Thursday this week, so basically my coach snuck 2 extra runs into my week. 12 miles extra in the bank.

Coaches Note: I DID sneak in a few extra days for two reasons. (1) I know that Rob can handle a few extra days, and (2) I am anal and starting a training plan in the middle of the week messed with my brain too much. ~ JCH

Thursday, January 4, 2018, Day 4 (or day 1?)

Back to the treadmill today. The point behind the Hansons Marathon Method is basically run a bunch, get tired, and then run some more. I remember hearing them say in an interview something like

“our plans don’t go over 16 miles on the long run, because of the built up fatigue we are teaching you to run the last 16 miles of the marathon, not the first 16”

I said all that to say, I was sluggish on the treadmill today. I ran as much as I could and took 1 walk break. I completed 6 miles on the treadmill display and corrected my Garmin data to match. I completed 6 miles in 52:55 for an average pace of 8:49 min/mile.

Friday, January 5, 2018, Day 5

You will get tired of me saying “another cold day, back to the treadmill” but I mean I literally left the gym to walk to my car and the sweat in my hair froze; within a one block walk. I completed 6 miles in 53:05 for an average pace of 8:51 min/mile.

Saturday, January 6.2018 Day 6
Got outside today, my wife wanted me to wear a face mask and I didn’t. I should have listened. It was -1 with a windchill for -18. I had a nice ice beard going. I completed 6.07 miles in 57:13 for an average pace of 9:25 min/mile.

Sunday, January 7.2018 Day 7

Got outside again today. It was much warmer than yesterday. It’s a shame when 20 degrees is warm. Most sidewalks were not clear so I did a decent amount of running in the streets. I completed 8.21 miles in 1:13:14 for an average pace of 8:55 min/mile.

Monday, January 8.2018 Day 8

Traveling today so I did my first alteration to my training plan. I was supposed to run an easy 6 today and do my intervals tomorrow. Since I have to leave the hotel by 6 am to catch the flight I figured it was best to do my intervals tonight as it takes longer and in case I sleep in I would not miss the more important workout. I hit the treadmill in the workout center and did alright. It shut off (well cool down mode so I had to reset it) at an hour, and then it was losing pace. My watch would say 11 Min mile while the machine was reading 8:30-9s. Cut the workout short by about half the cool down. I completed 8.18 miles in 1:22:19 for an average pace of 9:56 min/mile.

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  • January 9, 2018 at 10:06 am

    You make feel like whomp… I tried the last few days to run and decided it was too cold…. at 50 degrees..!!! Good luck with the training. Greg


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