Stroke the Furry Wall

Seriously … Aldous Snow is a genius.

He takes a simple phrase, which sounds nonsensical when you read it, but in context tells you exactly how to get through the rough patches that life throws at you from time to time.

A “Jeffrey”, in Snow’s world, is a mix of “Weed mostly, with some Opium, Heroin, Crushed up E, Clorox, Morphine, Some of its unidentifiable, oh and a little bit of Angel dust. It’s like a drug Neapolitan.” as he explains about 64:00 into the movie “Get Him To The Greek”. It’s called a Jeffrey because “who could ever be afraid of a Jeffrey?”

Now, I know some reading this will jump to the conclusion that I, too, am speaking of drugs, but I look at it as I think the writer’s were really meaning it. The world throws “Jeffrey’s” at you all the time. It’s never one thing that comes at you … your car breaks down on the same day your son is sick and you can’t miss work because you have a presentation, or you’re running late to training and you forgot you needed gas, so instead of pumping and checking bike you throw it on the car, then get there finally and you have a flat that needs changing.

Bad things never come alone.

They come in three’s.

You know the Rule of 3? Bad things always happen in 3’s.

People die in sets of three.

It’s all, ya know, “connected”.

So what do you do when the world slips you a Jeffrey?

In the movie, when his handler starts freaking out after smoking the drug, he tells him to “stroke the furry wall”, which is a wall in the club covered in faux purple fur.

And that calms him down.

So the trick is, as I see it, is to find your own Furry Wall to stroke when the Jeffrey is slipped into your drink. Something to center you, calm you, refocus you on what is needed to be done.

But, of course, life being what it is, something else will come along also to push you down that long hallway. And it’s a long and dark hallway too.

It’s Kubrikian!

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