The Cycling Commuter

The idea of commuting to work is a great idea. I get it. You get some exercise, you are outside, you’re doing your part to save the environment.

I get it.

But the reality is not always conducive to this action is it?

I would LOVE to commute to work. But the truth is that Tampa is not the most bike-friendly community.

The drivers are crazy (because most of the population here are NOT from Florida so spare me the “Floridians are bad drivers” nonsense. We aren’t. The transplant are.). A cyclist riding through the center of Tampa, either going North to South or vice versa, are taking their lives in their hands.

To add to that, this is Florida (as previously stated) so an hour ride to work is going to be hot and sweaty. To go from that to an office setting, with no showers available, is a problem.

Thankfully there are companies out there working on these issues, with one of them being Two Wheel Gear.

Two Wheel Gear’s Craig Coulombe and Ken MacLean invented the first bike suit bag in 1999, with the goal of merging the functionality of a travel garment bag with a bike pannier. The idea was to allow for an office worker to get to and from work without having to carry their clothes on their back, eliminating the “sweaty back syndrome”. Something we here in Florida know plenty about. They started branching out in 2010 and are now making some of the best, if not the best, bike commute bags out there.

I was provided with a Classic 2.0 to test out and was very pleased with it. Whether I was using it on the back of the bike or carrying it on my shoulder I found it to be both comfortable and functional. It is loaded with features, including:

  • A universal RIXEN & KAUL mounting system that adjusts to any bike rack and mounts with a click. Easily mounted on the bike I had at work.
  • TPE waterproof backing and UV coating
  • New internal padded pocket for up to 17-inch laptops. This was a tight fit I found but I was able to get the laptop in it.
  • 3 internal mesh pockets for extra storage. Handy for the needed ingredients like toiletries after getting to the office.
  • Integrated reflective materials designed into all sides of the bag
  • Comfortable padded, removable shoulder strap
  • Heavy gauge zippers on main garment compartment
  • Top bag hanger with hide-away snap
  • Snap mechanism for the sides of the bag to clip together for off-bike carrying
  • Internal zip access to mounting system components
  • Custom invertible rain cover that clips to the outside of the bag when not in use. I found this a little cumbersome on the outside of the bag, to be honest, but I can understand the need for it.

I found the item to be well constructed and easy to connect, disconnect, and use on a daily basis. These bags and this company are HIGHLY recommended, so if you need something to help with your daily commute to and from the office, make sure to check these guys out.

As far as a safe ride to work, vote people. Vote!





Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Classic 2.0 Garment Pannier Graphite for free from Two Wheel Gear in consideration for a gear review. This is no way altered my view or review of the product.

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