My biorhythms must be low …

Remember biorhythms? Back in the day, there was a huge movement about them. Basically, it was a science that believed you went through cycles from the day you were born in your Mental, Emotional, and Physical “waves” and that you could track these throughout your life to find optimal periods where your performance would be at peak form. I have been feeling “off my game” lately and was thinking “maybe I am at the bottom of a curve”. I decided to look, and here is my chart for today:

Lo and Behold, my cycle for intelligence is at -100% and physical is at -74%, so there ya go. Science!

Who says this isn’t science??? That coupled with the moon being full and my birth sign of Virgo rising, no wonder I’m a mess.

I mean … if you believe that sort of thing.

Mine I think it’s more related to my medication being off, or non-existent. I tend to “forget” to take my meds at times, and I also tend to “forget” to reorder when I am too low. I woke up in the middle of the night (@ 2:00 AM) with my calf in a full-blown charlie horse. I think I may have cried, but there are no witnesses. The leg is still hurting right now. This is probably related to me not taking the meds I need to be taking. Not good …

The bottom line is that, when ANY of these meds (including natural Thyroid, not Synthroid) are off even the slightest bit, it can affect mood, weight, sharpness, sexual ability. It’s a pain in the ass (no pun intended).

Luckily the people I train and associate with understand this issue by now. Some are more understanding than others, but hey, if I can live with it then they can live with it too.

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