Trail Running Chronicles – Volume 5

So, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. Tomorrow morning I will get in my car, put it in drive, point it North, and head to Vermont. This week seemed so long in the future when I started training back in November, and now here it is. The odd revelation is that a week from today I will be halfway back home, and it makes me wonder what the results will be, and how I am going to be feeling. I will be honest, my stomach is full of butterflies. A lot of it is due to the race and heading into the unknowns, and a lot of it is more on the personal side, but still, there is a part that wants to get started, get up there, and see how it turns out.

Go for 48-hours, or as long as I can physically, and see what happens.

I was also surprised last night when Nancy and Laura gave me something for my trip. It was such a nice gesture and made me feel a lot better about the drive and being up there. I have a lot of supporters I know, from the podcast and the Facebook page, but there is something about having a personal support system waiting for you to get home. I have not had that in a long time, and I will be honest, at the risk of sounding like a big mush ball, I am liking it.

Nancy’s daughter Laura made me a pillow for the trip. 11-years old and sewed this herself for me. How great is that? 
Two coolers, a food container, sleeping bag, poles, table, and two bags of clothes and shoes. And this isn’t all of it.
That pillow will come in very handy, as well as that Starbucks card poking out there. They know me well. 🙂

So, a long drive ahead of me tomorrow and Wednesday. The plan is to get to Richmond and stop for the night tomorrow, then go the remaining distance on Wednesday morning. The original plan was to head to the race site that night, but after talking to Meghna I am going to get a room when I get in the area and head into the camping area Thursday morning. Should be a lot easier to set up the tent, etc in the light instead of fumbling in the dark, and it gives me one more night of sleep in a bed before hitting the trail Friday morning. Much better plan.

I am going to put my race plan here, and as always I am planning it to be the worst case, but even when I plan for the worse I always seem to come in even slower. But it’s not about that this time. I have been working through a foot issue since December, so the thought of actually completing the 100 in the allotted time is probably fantasy at this point, so I am focusing on the time and not the distance, and see how that plays out.

The race starts at 8:00 AM Friday. The 7-mile loop includes Mt. Romance, so at a 30:00 pace I should be back into camp zone around 11:30 AM. The plan is to take 30-60 minutes to make sure I am fueled and ready, then hit the 20-mile loop at 12:30 PM. Using the same pace that puts me back in the zone by 10:30 PM (so MUST remember to bring head lamps and bug spray). This is where it gets tricky. I have been advised to not start the 20-mile loop in the dark, but this would be the 7-mile portion once again, so depending on how my lkegs/feet are doing I could wait 60-90 minutes, then hit the 7 again, which would put me back in the 4 AM area, sleep a few hours, then hit the 20-miler when it gets light out. Again, depending on how I am doing. That would be a solid 2 loops (54-miles) by Saturday night. It won’t be 100, but then again, it’s till a PB and an ULTRA right?

I will be incommunicado while I am there due to spotty reception, which sucks in some aspects but might be good in others. Lots of time to think through things and the better place I am in now mentally.

Now to get the physical part back in line.

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