The Dance of the Deer : Our Special Purpose

I was talking in the last post about motivation and the problems that occur when trying to rekindle that part of your self. A large part of that journey starts with finding the purpose we have in each of us to do the things we want to do; the “why” answer to the question of doing these endurance events. Once you have meaning behind the changes you are working on, the energy of the soul comes through and moves you toward that goal. Without meaning, the soul, and your special purpose, dies.

Navin’s discovery of his “special purpose” aside, there is truth to the belief that once you have true meaning behind what you want to do, the energy to accomplish that goal is found, as if by magic. This is seen in the Huichols “Dance of the Deer”. The Huichol are Native Mexicans, living in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the Mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas, and Durango (Wikipedia). The Dance of the Deer ceremony can last long periods of time, all day and all night, for days upon days. They can be endless endeavors, non-stop dancing with short breaks, using unknown amounts of the energy, but they get through it because the exercise has meaning to them (“Fit Soul Fit Body” by Secunda and Allen, pp.93-94).

Learning your goals, your purpose in both life and in training, is not the only piece. It is the first piece. The next step is to pay attention to this knowledge and put your STG’s together in order to eventually reach this endpoint.  This requires FOCUS and focus can be the hardest thing to find, especially with the way life in this world is today. It is important to find a way to quiet your monkey mind and reflect of the goals you have made. Setting aside time each day to focus on the goal and how you envision it coming to fruition is a key to realizing the dream you have.

Watch every action you make during the day, and make it a habit to question everything you do as to how it helps you move toward that goal. Is that 10 PM TV show you just HAVE to see more important than the extra hour of sleep you could get? Is the slice of cheesecake going to help you cross that finish in the time you envision for yourself? You ARE what you DO. Period.

Remove negative thoughts and negative people from your life. This can be tricky, because most of us don’t want to hurt others, even those that deserve to be hurt. We all carry 100’s of “friends” on Facebook that we would not want to spend more than a minute with in real life. They spew hate, divisiveness in every post, but you don’t unfriend them. They remain on your wall because you don’t want to be “that guy”.  Hate in the disguise of Truth is still Hate, and it has no business in your life. Remove it. Now.

Becoming structured in your approach to training and realization of your goals is milestone that leads to the dream of You. You know what you want. Go get it.

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  • November 20, 2016 at 10:49 am

    It’s really important to define goals and follow them. They give us purpose. Most of the time.
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