Product Review: Seattle Sports Frostpack Growler

Seattle Sports provided me with the Frostpack Growler Double to test and write the review, however the results of the review are not swayed by this. The post below are my thoughts and feelings on the product.

One of the hardest things to deal with on long training days is that the team I ride with are located in the Orlando area, so before I can even think about hopping on the bike to get my saddle time in I have to get up early and drive 1.5 to 2 hours to get to the meet-up location (I am the only one in the Tampa area so it is only fair that I am the one that travels). The travelling in of itself is no big deal to me, as I actually enjoy the time to think over things. Where it does become a problem is packing the gear in such a way that it is still ready when I get there two hours later. Conventional coolers are fine, but they often have to have ice, or ice packs loaded with them, and are big.

A nice compact design that can be hand carried or shoulder straped

So, in steps Seattle Sports. They were kind enough to send me their Frostpack Growler model to try out. First impressions were about the size of it. Small. Very small. So I wondered what I could actually fit in there. Turns out just enough. The dual pack they sent was big about for two 24-ounce water bottles and a flask across the top.  Internally it was a foil insert that also had a bag to tie up the top with, and a heavy duty zipper across the top.

But the real test was … did it keep the bottles cold?

Fit 2 24-ounce water bottles and a hand flask with no problem

A resounding yes. After the two hour drive I grabbed one bottle out of the bag and was happy to find that it was still as cold as when I put it in there. I kept the other bottle in it, for a test, and threw it on the front seat. After the ride, which was in the 3 1/2 hour range I got back to my car, loaded everything up, and on the road home unzipped the bag and grabbed the other bottle.

So was it still cold after 5 1/2 hours?

Oooo … shiny

It was chilled, but not as cold as it was in the morning, but I honestly didn’t expect it to keep a chill on for that long while being beaten by the August sun in Florida … but it WAS still chilled enough to be refreshing for the drive home. So I call it a win.

These are not inexpensive items. Select the link above and price them out for yourselves. They Do the job though, so you get what you pay for in the end. I would have paid for this gladly, and I expect most people would once they tried it out.

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