Next Level Bonkers

There is something wrong with us …

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with us …

Admit it … what is it that drives us to go farther, faster longer?

We are not content to just do a 5k. We then need to do a 10k. And once that 10k is in the books, well, then we have to do a half marathon.

Half Marathon? Pshht. That “half” is bothering me so I need to do the real distance. A MARATHON.

But … how hard can a marathon be if there is no bike leg before it? … So what the hell … I’ll do a Sprint Triathlon …

A “sprint”??? That’s not nearly long enough, and an Olympic is not a real distance is it?? Let’s do … 70.3 miles …


Oh, I’m sorry … that word “half” made me nod off again …

Let’s do an IRONMAN … 140.6 miles … 2.4 in the water … 112 on the bike … then round that off with a nice little Marathon … even better if there are hills and wind involved … wouldn’t want anyone to think we had an “easy race” would we?

Heaven forbid!!

I have three half marathons in left this year, three sprint triathlons, another century ride, and a 70.3 Triathlon in January, so those are in the forefront of my mind right now. I must finish these in goal times, personal bests for each one, to be set in my head for a full 140.6 in 2017 or 2018. This is under 3 hours for the half marathon and 7-7.5 for the 70.3. To compare, and for a bit of reality, I have never run a sub 3 half marathon. The closest I came was a 3:07:12 in Miami in 2012. My runs have actually gotten slower ever since. And a 70.3? My fastest was 8:37:00 in Florida after correcting for the swim fiasco. That was my first 70.3 and since I have been more in the 9-9.5 range. So, that means to meet these set points I have to improve by 1:00 per mile in my run and cut 2 hours off my time for the 70.3.

Seems an arduous task doesn’t it? Can it be done?

I think it can when you take some things into account. The first Augusta I had a bike issue which added at least an hour to my day, not even taking into account how my run may have been affected because of it also. In Ocala I had a blown Achilles and walked the entire run leg. In Augusta #2 I still had the foot issue. So for each of those I had some malady that hindered my time. I know what I can do on a good day, and if I compete in that kind of shape I am looking at a half marathon of 2:50:21 and a 70.3 of 7:18:39. Well within my goals. This projects to an Ironman race of 15:37:18 (using a formula of double the half and add an hour). Well within the time limit. The good thing about this also is that it gives me 1:22:00 of “emergency time” in case something goes wrong (and something always goes wrong).

The bad part? I have never met a race time goal since I have started. I go by my training and for some reason my training doesn’t translate to the race … not even close …

As an example, my normal training mph on the bike before Augusta #2 was in the 17-18 range. For the race it was 14.8. In fact, the only part of my training that seems to keep pace on race weekend is my swim … I can usually pinpoint my time there to the minute. Go figure.

But even with all that uncertainty, my mind is already thinking about “the next thing” …

Once you do an Ironman what do you do next??

Keep doing Ironman races? Try to get better?

Oh come on! We all know better than that right??

How about an Xterra Race? Hmm. Could that be done??

Oh wait … I know … let’s meet that FEAR head on and do an Ultra Swim … like a 10k or something!! YEAH!!!

How about meeting that weakness on the run eye to eye and prepare for an Ultra Race, like … oh … Badwater!!

Or sit my ass on a bike for 508 miles at Furnace Creek??

I can feel Meghan and Jennifer shaking their heads at me right now …


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