Training Tales – Reality Setting In

Yesterday was a planned 65 mile ride that I ended at mile 42. Foot hurt at the beginning on first climb (13% grade) so had to walk a bit, but seemed to go away even through the Sugarloaf climb (384 feet / 11.5% grade). Felt OK for awhile but entered a section called Dewey Robbins Road, about a 5 mile out and back, and the wheels came off. Pain was bad but nowhere to really stop so had to gut through it. A lot of up and downs, but nothing I shouldn’t have been able to handle. Got back to the rest stop after having to really get off bike about 4 times, and called it quits (had to get a cab back to start … talk about embarrassing).

I am going got get a bike fit on Thursday (actually had to take a floating holiday which is always irritating) thanks to Jennifer helping me on the financial side (because I suck there too). I talked to the bike guys at the shop last week and they think it might be the type of cleats I use (Speedplays), so may have to change to a different type. The hard part is that I feel physically capable of doing these rides/runs but the body keeps giving out on me. It’s a domino effect; I start hurting, so I slow down, which means I am grinding up these climbs, which in the heat is sapping me, so not only do I end up hurting I bonk hard at the same time.

Don’t know how I am going to get through this Tahoe ride …

I have a 25/50 on Saturday, plus another team ride on Sunday (65-70 I think). The Saturday ride I am not worried about. It’s all flat and I seem to be OK on flat terrain, even with foot pain. The Sunday ride worries me. I am thinking is it better to get miles in that I KNOW I can do, or try to get through a climbing ride I may or may not be able to handle?

Fallen Heroes Ride (Saturday): 25 mile loop. Max Grade 1.7%

fallen heroes

Tahoe: 100 miles. Max Grade 8.3%


I am not sure what Sunday ride is yet, but Coach posted this last night on his page (68 Around the Lake) so I am thinking this might be it, or some variation of it (67.8 Miles. Max Grade 6.5%)

68 Lake

So what is everyone’s input. Grind through another ride where I might not make it, or stay with the flat terrain and concentrate on saddle time and total miles? Suck it up and do both and let the chips fall where they may? Which would be better?

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  • May 9, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Foot hurting sounds like a cleat angle issue. Dude, you need a bike fit. Prepare to feel a lot better. I’m actually working on a post about this very topic.
    Bgddyjim recently posted…Fit Revovery: The Excellent Week in Review May 2 – 8.My Profile

    • May 9, 2016 at 7:32 pm

      Scheduled for Thursday

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