Product Review: Crotch Guard

There are many brands of chamois cream on the market today, so another one is normally no big deal. When I was offered a sample of Crotch Guard to review I answered that I would, but felt like it was just going to be another cream that you either rub on your skin or into the chamois and not much different than anything else I have used.

I was pleasantly surprised.

Crotch Guard wasn’t a cream, to start off with. It is a skin care oil, for starters, and like most creams it is designed to reduce friction during those long bike rides and hours in the saddle. The idea is to strengthen the moisture balance of the skin naturally, and this is unique to Crotch Guard. The other unique feature is that it comes in a spray bottle, so works for the pre-ride preparation but can also be carried with you for reapplication if needed.

I have used it on three long rides and have not had the need to reapply at all, including during two especially rainy 60 mile jaunts. The oil worked as advertised and I could see myself using this over my current cream. Is it perfect? Almost, but it is well worth trying out.

Here is what I liked about Crotch Guard:

  • Hands Free application via spray bottle
  • No “greasy” feel on the under carriage, especially when first pulling those short up
  • No real need to reapply, at least at 60 miles
  • Felt comfortable on the skin

And here is what I did not like about it …

  • When spraying on the bottle needs to be upright. A little hard from the angle needed.

See? Nothing major against it. It even comes in a 1-ounce size to throw in your kit (and the price is pretty reasonable as well).

So give it a try … I found it to be comparable, and actually better than the creams I have been using, so will be using Crotch Guard in the future.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a 4-ounce bottle of Crotch Guard for free from Derma-Tect, Inc. as coordinated by Outdoor PR in consideration for review publication

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