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I started this blog six years ago as a way of holding myself accountable. At the time I had no idea, no desire, to make money doing it, and if you look back at those posts you will see that they were often a paragraph, maybe two, about what I had done that day as far as training.

Time’s change.

Over the course of the last six years the blog has evolved into more of a commentary of triathlon issues, running issues, feelings about certain thing, sometimes not even training related. It is not unheard of a post now being well over 1,000 words. Even with that, however, the main essence of the blog remains the same; it is a way of me working through what’s in my heard at that point in time. I have just become more wordy in my writing.

You’re welcome.

Over the years I have also rubbed people the wrong way on occasion. I have a low tolerance level for things I consider to be nonsense, and have lost my head from time to time when calling out these hypocritical practices. Examples have been trainers selling “aides” like Weight Watcher, Isogenix, etc, which I feel is disingenuous, or healthy people posting crap food online like it is OK to eat it. I know once again I’ll probably get flack for saying that again, but if you are out there online as a coach, or a mentor, or an athlete it doesn’t help your clients, or even people who are looking to you for guidance and wisdom, to pretend it’s OK, or not a bad thing, to eat crap food just because you are one of the lucky few who can get away with it.

As my blog has progressed, and the Back of Pack Endurance podcast has progressed and now expanded into the podcast Fat Slow Triathlete, it starts to get noticed, and once they start to get noticed we start to get inquiries from time to time on what we would charge to advertise “product X” on the show or the website(s).

I am not against making money. Trust me. If there was a way I could do my blog and podcasts full time and make a living I would do it, but there is a limit to that.

On this site you will notice a few click through’s on the right side to products. One is Altra Running Shoes. I have used these and I liked them (for the most part). The other two are for gear websites and not one particular product. I have also written product reviews in the past on these pages which either paid me in product, or money (usually in the $25 range). What you don’t see are the 12 products I turned down to review, or tried and did not like so did not accept payment.

Maybe I am being exceptionally moral here? I don’t know. I just find it hard to put my name on something I know is baloney in order to make a buck, and I take a great deal of pride in the fact that I will not advertise anything that I know is hurtful to the people I am trying to help. When I see races take on sponsors that produce unhealthy products, like Little Debbie in Ironman Chattanooga or any assortment of diet aids in running events, I get little twitches in my eyes and my fingers start reaching for the keyboard, for better or worse.

I know others don’t agree with me on this … but in the end it is my blog, my podcast, and I set the rules.

So don’t expect any “Drink Chocolate Milk” advertising on these pages.

3 thoughts on “Sell Out

  • February 11, 2016 at 3:57 pm

    Cool, thanks John, I found them when I refreshed the page and scrolled down further. It appears they are here… must have had a guy look… ☺

  • February 11, 2016 at 3:49 pm

    Well done John and thanks for all you have posted here and the podcasts. I must say I am very disappointed that after reading about adverts I can find no links to said products on the page… could be the phone. But no matter. I will read this on a big screen and find that link and click through because it’s a product I’m interested in… ☺ look forward to more content complete with adverts.

    • February 11, 2016 at 3:52 pm

      The links don’t show on phones. Not sure why (maybe if you scroll ALL the way don on the main page). They are there on the main site for sure; Altra, TriVillage, and Wiggle

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