Product Review: Extend Nutrition Anytime Bars

Note: Extend Nutrition supplied samples of their bars in exchange for this review. Opinions were not influenced in any way and are all my own, and no other payment was received.

You guys know how I feel about supplements and the like, so when the people at Extend Nutrition contacted me to see if I had an interest in sampling their Anytime bars and writing a review, I honestly had to think about it for a day or so. For one thing, I know there are plenty of people reading this, and training, that love and use supplements, and that is alright, but what I want to be sure of is that I am not recommending anything that (1) goes against my beliefs as far as nutrition go, and (2) offers products that, while not “natural” as far as the true definition, are generally healthy and well documented.

I feel that these bars by Extend Nutrition meet that requirement.

CaptureWhen doing my research before accepting the samples I read through their website and was immediately impressed with the fact that not only do they say it is scientifically researched, the offer the actual research papers and findings, to at least try to support the facts that they are claiming, mainly that it levels out blood sugar, which decreases cravings, and in turn decreases the amount you ingest at the next meal, when using the bars as a hunger killer.

In that aspect I have to say these bars work. I was sent three flavors; mixed berry, cookies and cream, and yogurt berry. All were tasty, not overly sweet, and did indeed get rid of any hunger craving I was experiencing, especially during my danger zone time of 3 PM. My personal favorite was the mixed berry flavor, because I like the crunchy aspect, but all of the bars were quite good, and others I gave samples to agreed that the taste made it very easy to use during the day, and did not carry that “protein” taste most bars tend to carry in them.

Is there anything not so good about them? To be honest, they do have sugar in them, at 1g per bar. Not a lot, and well down the ingredient list, but they are splitting some of that up into syrup, which is combined would increase the sugar profile, but I did not find 1g being enough to put me off the product.

I could also see where people would use these too much. As I stated, they are very tasty, and it would be easy for someone with an addictive issue to pound these one after one. Hell, I was tempted myself. This is not an inherently bad issue with the product, but the consumer themselves.

Now, the bottom line is would I recommend them?

As surprising as it might be, I would say I would, especially to those people I know that have the cravings in the mid-afternoon. This is how I used them. I threw a couple in my bag and when the hunger pangs hit I ate one, and they worked. The first couple of days I ate one at 3 then did my group run at 6:30 with no other fuel and had no issue. Normally I do these runs hungry because I don’t want to eat prior. For this reason alone I would have a couple in my bag from now on.

Extend Nutrition has other products which can be viewed at their website HERE.

The scientific research can be viewed HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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