Head Full of Crazy

Triathletes are called many things, but the one common thing we are all called is “crazy”.

“You’re going to bike 50 miles on your day off?? You’re crazy!”

“You swim, then bike, and THEN run?? You’re crazy!!”

“Anda en bicicleta de 100 millas?? Estas Loco!!”

It feels crazy to us sometimes too. I know when I look at my clock chiming at 4:30 AM on a Saturday or Sunday so that I can drive 2 hours to Orlando to run for an hour then drive back I think I am crazy too. Why do I subject myself to this? Wouldn’t it feel so good to just stay in bed?

The answer to that is, of course, YES. It would feel good to just stay in bed. And that’s the bad part. It feels too good, and that one day in bed becomes two days, then the weekend, then you start going home and watching that all important episode of “Big Bang Theory” where Penny and Leonard finally have sex, and before you know it, BOOM, 300 pounds of undulating goo is now parked on the sofa, balancing a bag of chips on the belly and drinking a 64 oz Big Gulp while cheering on the recent contestants of The Biggest Loser.

Can you tell I speak from experience?

So am I crazy?

Probably, but it’s a good crazy. But it has started affecting me in how I look at others.

I posted once that one thing that drives me insane are people that complain about their weight and then check in at 5 Guys or Taco Bell. This seriously irritates me. Not that they go to these places. It’s a free country. Hell, as Foamy the Squirrel once said, if you want to be a Fat Bastard, fine … be a Fat Bastard. But don’t then turn around complain about the three pounds you put on over the weekend.

The other thing that drives me crazy are fat children. Seriously. Every time I see a fat kid I want to smack the crap out of their parents. There is NO reason a child should be fat. Yes, I know there are some with medical conditions, but a medical condition doesn’t require a daily trip to McDonalds for french fies and chicken McNuggets.

Here’s a side note I just noticed. This blogger tool identifies misspellings as they happen, and the term “McNugget” doesn’t come up as a misspelling, meaning that it is such a common word it’s included in electronic dictionary’s.

So things that never used to bother me now bug the hell out of me (fat kids, unreasonable expectations, complaining about weight while eating a triple burger with everything on it, bikers not calling on your left, not wearing a helmet, and listening to an ipod, lifeguards that get fired for saving a man’s life because it was outside his coverage zone).

So has Triathlons/Marathons made me crazy??

Nope … I’ve always been this way. Just getting more mouthy in my old age.

Crazy? Psbbth.

I’ve got a HEAD full of CRAZY.

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