Tick Tock, Disney. Tick Tock.

DisneyAs I type this it is 8:45 PM on Sunday, January 4th. In one weeks time the marathon will be over, and I will either have two under my belt or have my first DNF. I have written and spoken a lot about this, about how challenging this year, well last year, has been, so it should be sitting well at this point. But it’s not. No matter how much you have thought these things through, the prospect of failing at an event looms large.

I know I will give it everything I have though, and they will have to make me get on that bus if it comes to that, but I cannot imagine how that will feel if it happens. I ran an 8k yesterday to see how it felt, with the intent on going at marathon pace (which I am planning on being between 14 and 15 minute) and I actually felt pretty good. It wasn’t so hard on my joints that I was in pain afterwards, and I could handle the pace using a relatively easy 30/45 run/walk split. The end result for the 5 miles was an overall pace of 14:22. And here’s the thing with that result … if I could hold that for the entire 26.2 miles my marathon result would be a personal best by about 25 minutes.

Shows how sad my first one was right?

I am looking forward to the trip more than the race to be honest. It’s not just the Disney thing (growing up in Central Florida kind of whups the Disney out of ya by the time you’re 20), but it’s 5 days with people I like being around with out work or life being involved. At the same time, though, trips and races fill me with anxiety. I have been a ball of nerves all day today for some reason. These anxiety issues arise now and then, not as bad as they have been in the past, but they are never fun. Those of you reading this know what I speak of I am sure. It is hard to explain to those that have never experienced it, but it can be almost paralyzing, and is more often than not inexplicable.

I am rethinking my whole approach to training in 2015, which I will write about here often, probably to the point that you will be very sick of it. We have hired Meghan Fanning to help us though it, and I plan on involving every resource I have at my disposal…from the great guys and gals at St. Pete Running Company (Cody and Chris, this means YOU guys) to more well known people like Vinnie Tortorich.

Side Note: I will be on Vinnie and Anna’s show, “The Angriest Trainer”, on January 16th. Make sure to take a moment to listen in. Be warned though. Vinnie’s show is explicit and very unlike Back of Pack Endurance.

I hope you stay with me this year and offer your input, support, as I work through these issues.

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