A Different 2015

FAT SLOW TRIATHLETESo here it is … the start of a new year. 2015. And as is imperative with the start of a new year, and in keeping with the bloggers credo so as not to go against the by-laws and be kicked out of the bloggers union (they are very demanding) I am sitting down to write my “New Year’s Resolution” blog post.

I do not like doing this, so let me begin with that. I think resolutions as a whole are a set up for failure. Just think back through your own life and how many times you have resolved to do something for the new year and ended up bagging it by January 30th? Occasionally you do succeed, but mostly we stop because the resolution we swore we would maintain was too hard (I will stop being so self-deprecating), or depended on other resources (I will find a new job). We resolve, as most do, to be “healthier”, to “work out more”, to “run 1,000 miles”, only to have “life” intervene, as it often does, derailing any progress we have made to that point, and send us once more spiraling out of control and back to our own old habits. Our comfort zones.

I know this sounds pessimistic. I am aware. But I like to think of it as being realistic. Every one reading this that is shaking their heads over how much of a bummer John is … take a moment, because we all have moments, and go to your local gym today (January 2nd) and count the people there … then go back on February 1st and do another count. I am willing to bet a month’s salary that number will be lower.

It’s not that we make these resolutions intending to fail. Far from it. We WANT to succeed. No one, and I mean NO ONE, wakes up in the morning and decided they are going to be a fat slob the rest of there lives. We all want to be healthy. We all want to live clean and healthy lives, so we all wait for that magical day, January 1st, to make a change … to be BETTER. The problem arises because being better is hard. Being better means we might have to give up something we really like and don’t see that it is hurting us. This can be food, it can be a job, it can be a spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend. Things that hurt us, that make us “less than”, become comfortable and we are unwilling or unable to rid ourselves of these things because it would hurt. These are the people with IBS that continue to down sugar laden crap as if their body will magically adapt one morning and Lucky Charms cereal will be shown to be a magical health food that makes you lose weight. It is those of us that get stuck in a crappy job for crappy money but cannot leave because we have obligations (self-imposed obligations at that) that we cannot seem to work ourselves away from. It is the people with symptoms of adrenal fatigue that continue to run 50 mile weeks and wonder why they are getting slower, or those of us still clinging to conventional wisdom of pasta dinners the night before races because we have to CARB LOAD and downing Herbalife and Isagenix as if this will be “the one thing” that will make us faster.

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to have John Bingham on the Back of Pack Endurance show and during the discussion I had made a comment that I wanted to get better. He interrupted me and told me, basically, that having a goal of getting better was a recipe for failure, because of the other issues that can come into play. The goal, John stated, was to go out each day and be “different”. Decide each morning that something you do that day, some interaction, will make you a different person than you were the day before. My goal in life, my most inner desire so to speak, is to have affected someone’s life for the better when I leave this plane of existence. It reminds me of a video I saw recently on Facebook from Thai Life Insurance called “Unsung Hero”. I am placing it below:

The message in this one ad is what we should all be striving for … not making resolutions to help ourselves, but to make decision to help those around us who need help. I know it is not the most popular thing recently. The social media take over has created animosity that is unbelievable to see and witness, and with the upcoming election in 2016 I can only believe it is going to become worse. And it makes me sad.

So, instead of creating a list of resolutions, I will make some decisions. I will try to make these decisions for 2015 as actions that are not for my own well-being, but also for the well being of others. Some may seem self-serving upon first reading, but take a moment to think them through and hopefully you will understand the under lying purpose.

I Will Write More

The one thing I hear the most from those I know is that the blog, and the podcast, have helped them. I will do my best to write them more often.

I Will Read More

Education makes us better people, and the way to education is through reading.

I Will Remove/Unfriend/Ignore Anyone on my various pages Spouting Hate Speech or Showing Disrespect Towards Others, ESPECIALLY our ELECTED Leaders.

I am just OVER this stuff. I have been sucked into it way too often as well, so I invite anyone that sees me do it to remove me as well. It will not hurt my feelings. If you stop seeing my updates, etc., you will now know why. In a perfect world we could have an educated conversation about our differences, but this has been shown to be impossible in today’s world.

See? Short, sweet, and doable.

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  • January 3, 2015 at 11:06 am

    This year I want to commit to giving back consistently once a month. I already have dates at the Ronald McDonald house and Meals on Wheels lined up. In addition to continuing the work with #TeamJudy! 🙂 Happy New Year John!

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