I’m Tired

I think tired is just a constant state you are in when going through training. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I didn’t feel tired.

You get up at 5 AM, some of us to go to work and some of us to run/bike/swim, then you work 8-9 hours putting up with the mundane, the boredom, the idiocy of management. After that mind-numbing experience, you hop into the car and drive 23 miles to get to Flatwoods with enough time (hopefully) to get a decent brick workout in, but that never happens because people in Tampa cannot drive, so you pull into the parking lot at 6:00, run to the bathroom to throw on cycling clothes, grab your bike out of or off of the car, hop on and hammer the peddles as hard as you can to get one loop in, throw the bike back IN the car (so no one walks off with it), throw on your running shoes, take off running, remember that you still have helmet and gloves on, run BACK to the car to remove them, put on a visor, kill a few thousand mosquitos that find your blood exceedingly tasty tonight, head back out to get a couple of miles in, get back to the car, kick off the running shoes, put the cycle shoes back on, grab the bike back out of the car, HAMMER again for a loop, only to find that once you make it back to the car again you are out of time and the park is closing. So you get the sweaty shirt off, climb in the car, drive the 25 miles home, walk in the door with arms laden with sweaty clothes, bags, water bottles, work clothes. Throw them on the floor, get the bike off the car so no one walks off with it, plug the watch in to upload the data, look in the fridge for something to eat, find nothing, realize it’s after 9 PM so you really CAN’T eat anything, grab a Power Ade Zero, log your stuff in the various tracking systems, get pissed off that you sucked on the run again, throw off your clothes, grab a book or kindle and get into bed, realize that smell you’ve been trying to locate is actually you because you forgot to shower, get back out of bed and jump in the shower, get back into bed, and lie awake for two hours because your body is all revved up. Then before you realize it the alarm is going off at 5 AM and time to do it again.

Unless it’s Saturday … or Sunday …

Then you get to get up and drive to meet training partner(s) or team at O-Dark-Thirty and bike 50 miles (or if you’re lucky you only have to do 35 … IN THE HILLS), then for S&G’s throw in a ‘quick’ 4 mile run afterwards, then the next day get a nice long 8 mile run in plus a good 2500m swim.

Of course, interwoven into all this also is the leaking roof, the mother who can’t pay her electric bill, the child behind on their school work and needs $1,000 worth of dental, and one car that decides it needs two new tires ($560) the same week as the other car blows a water pump ($1,026).

And then your training partners wonder why “you seem off today”.

So why do we do this?

I can only speak for myself. As tired as I am, or I get, it is 100 times better than the overall weariness I was feeling before I started it. I was doing nothing. Working. Coming home. Watching TV. Eating a bag of Doritos that is balanced on the top of your stomach. I was disgusted and disgusting.

So I will stay tired and deal with it the best I can … work through it the best I can … because ladies and gents … the alternative is MUCH worse.

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