John v6.2

6.2To further explore my goal for 2015 of becoming “unbreakable” while still competing I have begun to look into more training plans that challenge conventional wisdom.

What??? John wants to challenge Conventional Wisdom??? How unlike him!!!

Shut it, Rick …

Anyway, challenging CW, the tried and true methods clung to by most athletes, and then TALKING ABOUT IT on social media can lead to a lot of heated discussions. Challenging someone’s perspectives or beliefs, like “you do not require sugar to complete a marathon”, is taken as a personal attack.

I sincerely believe that all runners and triathletes own stock in either GU, Hammer Gel, or both.

Bottom line is that it IS possible to remove sugar from your diet and training and perform perfectly fine. Does sugar help? Yep, it does. Is it required? Nope, it’s not.

Throwing sugar into your system is like stoking a fire using pine needles. It will burn, and it will burn hot, but it will also burn quickly, requiring more pine needles, almost a constant supply, to keep it lit.

Personally I do not like how sugar makes me feel, even in small quantities, but especially in large amounts over 5 to 7 hours. I know other athletes who also have GI issues taking in sugar, but for some reason they continue to do it, then complain about their GI issues. I just don’t understand that. I would rather learn how to run long distances without requiring enough sugar intake to become the lead in Alice Cooper’s “Unfinished Sweet”.

Google it … you know you want to …

And … let’s be honest here for a moment. Most people are not doing sugar because they NEED the sugar. They are doing it because the WANT the sugar. There are plenty of studies showing fat adaption works and you can reduce if not eliminate your sugar intake, yet people still stuff ten GU packs into their bike jerseys before 30 mile rides. Why? Because they like sugar, and by damn they are NOT giving it up. So many methods have been shown to not work, and in some cases actually hinder training and races. Carb loading doesn’t work but races still offer pasta dinner the night before. Ice Baths don’t work but people are still sitting in 40 degree water. I really don’t care either way, but let’s stop bullshitting each other about the real reason you do these things.

My focus in 2015 will be to “be different”. And different for the better.

I stated on the show (Back of Pack Endurance) that I want to enter the Rock n’ Roll DC Half Marathon in March as a different runner (a fact that my co-host found amusing for some reason). The Disney Marathon is in three weeks, so I am too late for that one, but the RnR is 55 days after that. Allowing for a week recovery that gives me just under 8 weeks to change my running. My most recent half was Space Coast and I completed it in 3:26:34. I want to complete this one under 3.

Can I do it?

As with most things in my training it will depend greatly on my body and how it handles the stress of training. I have no idea what havoc Disney will wreak on me, but that is yet to be seen. This is the reason for my new search … a search for a coach who can train me in a way that will make me different, better, and less injured (that means NO training runs of 20 freaking miles) … a search for the right way to eat to meet my needs and my goals and that is sustainable.

This is yet another reinvention. John 2.0.

Actually it is John 6.2.

If you’re a coach, or RD, or anyone that I think is knowledgeable be prepared to be bombarded with questions. And please … PLEASE … don’t take it personally if I question
your methods or reasoning. I am only doing it to better understand.

Thank you …

Swim Calm, Bike Strong, Run Steady

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