The Crying Man

cryingI know this is going to sound whiny, but bear with me … I am really tired of getting hurt every time I try to do something. I spent all, or the greater part, of 2014 discovering, re-discovering, and dealing with medical issues and aches, to the point that I had to drop out of 4 races. I was looking forward to 2015 being a “come back” of sorts, with the first step being Space Coast Half Marathon two weeks ago (my longest race/run since Ironman Augusta in 2013). So what happens? Strain left bicep femorals (hope I said that right Jennifer) on back of left knee, so now icing, compressing, resting, and elevating with the hopes that I will be OK for the Disney Marathon in 30 days.

I know I have written about this before, but at some point I would like to be able to find that one run that every one who loves running talks about. You know, the one where your feet feel like they are barely touching the ground and you heart rate is firmly planted in Zone 2, the one where after you are done you feel like you could have kept running for hours. I have yet to feel that. Yes, I have had a few good ones for sure, the most recent being the past 2.5 miles I ran with the group before Space Coast. I had backed off for a week to get my calves worked through and that one run, that manageable 33 minutes, was the best I ever felt running. I had not trained well for Space Coast but this one 2.5 miles run, followed by a decent 6.3 miler the following Saturday, had me feeling like it was something I could get through. And I was right … for 11 miles … and I have been paying for it since.

I felt the oddness in my left leg at the end of that run, but that is nothing new after long runs for me. The fact of being heavy, and older, makes one understand you are going to feel some soreness and a little pain after any long run, but this wasn’t going away. I had felt this before, when I hurt my knees on a treadmill and ended up having to have surgery. This didn’t feel as bad, but it was the same feeling … tightness behind the knee, pain after sitting and trying to stand, aggravated when I straighten the leg fully, especially if it was bent for a length of time.

I have been hitting it with ICE and Compression for a week now, and it is starting to feel better, but still some tenderness there. I spoke with Dr. Ridge about it during my back appointment and she is going to have another of her staff work on it for the next four weeks to see if it helps. She did such wonders with my back I am willing to trust her at this point. With a marathon coming in 4 weeks I really have no choice.

Yes I am still going to run the marathon. I cannot, I will not, begin 2015 the same way 2014 was .. with me pulling out of a race. Even if I have to stop before ending, I will begin that race on January 11th. If I end up getting swept then so be it. I will deal with it. I will be going into it without the proper mileage either, because I jsut cannot risk hurting it more at this point, so I am spinning, and swimming, and may start some elliptical at some point, but running is being kept to a minimum until race day just in case. I am not sure how this will work, but as my friend Dave said when I posted the first of this post online, it is better to be on the couch with an ice bag after trying then to be in a hospital bed because I never attempted it.

I understand this is a little bit of a “cry baby” post, but it is getting frustrating, and all a catch-22. I eat right, I gain weight. I exercise, I get injured. I would just like for one, just a few races, to go in 100% and rock it.

Just once …

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  • December 11, 2014 at 1:25 pm

    John, just remember you “rock it” better than most of the worlds over 50 crowd. Rock on!

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