Product Review: Saucony Triumph ISO

Triumph_Men_ThreeQuarterBackDisclaimer: I was provided a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO shoes in exchange for this review through FitFluential. The opnions expressed here are my own.

I used to love Saucony.

When I started my first round of running back in 1994 all I would wear was Saucony running shoes, but when I revisited them in 2010 I found I was too heavy and too out of shape to get a good run from them. This was in no way the blame of the shoe, but the fault of years of fitness neglect.

Triumph_Men_Heel Triumph_Men_Toe

I was proved a pair of Viratas in 2013 to try in exchange for a blog post as well, and though I like the shoe, the minimalist nature of it caused an Achilles issue and hampered my running the entire year. I discovered quickly that the minimalist shoe was not for me, so I was happy to see the Triumph come out, and was eager once more to give Saucony a try.

This time I was not disappointed.

Triumph_Men_Outsole Triumph_Men_PWRGRD+

My initial run was a group 5k, which turned out to be my best run of the year. I am a “back of pack” runner, and due to size, psoriatic arthritis, etc. running is not my favorite thing to do, so any show that offers me a little less pain, without adding to my pains, I am all for. Saucony met the challenge.

The fit is snug, which I like, and did not feel like my foot was being “forced” into a position that was not comfortable for me, unlike many other running shoes. I have used them in a number of runs since, and they have become my go to shoe for the 5k’s. I will admit to the fact that I have been leery to try them for a run over 10k because I am very susceptible to sore knees and feet, but can state confidently that I have had no issue up to 6.34 miles (not to be TOO anal).

I am certain the hardcore “light runner” may not like them because they are thick in the sole, but if you are a back of pack type like me, a heavy runner, or just someone that like a comfortable run, give Saucony Triumph a shot. I know locally they are carried by the St. Pete Running Company and they will gladly help you try them out, or get them as always through the Saucony website HERE.

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