Time to Kill

Time to KillLack of motivation has been an issue recently with me. I believe it is related to the medical issues I have been dealing with the past year, as well as personal issues that have decided to pile on at the same time, but training and racing since my last half Ironman (Augusta 2013) have been a chore and something I lost desire about doing. I hate that it happened, and I fought it as best I could, but I bounced back and forth the whole season, and it resulted in lost races (Clermont #1, Ironman Chattanooga, Ironman Austin, and REV3 Venice) that is not the norm for me. As bad as I have felt in previous seasons, when it came to race day I toed the line and raced, regardless of preparedness or health. Not this year. This year I became “that person”.

And I don’t like it.

I can blame it on my health, which is part of it for sure, and I can blame it on others who left me out to dry most of the year, but the hard truth is that I could have gotten through this, most of it, if I had been a stronger person. I talked myself out of training sessions for various reasons when I should have been out there. Minor aches and pains which in 2011 or 2012 would not had stopped me from training now kept me in the house. I was trying to appease people who really had no interest in what I had come to enjoy and all it resulted in was a “lost season”, weight gain, and depression creeping back into my life where I had for three years quelled that demon.

It is time to halt this train.

The bottom line truth is that if I have time to sit and wonder whether I have the time to train, then I have the time to train. I felt this coming on yesterday as the day went on. I was planning on running with the SPRC group, which I had not done in three weeks, and as the work day went on the more I found myself trying to find a reason not to go, the least of which was the fact that my beloved Miami Dolphins were playing the Bills and I would probably not get back in time for the start of the game. As 4:00 grew closer I started getting angry at myself for thinking this way and made myself drive to St. Pete. It’s an odd feeling walking in a place where you were part of the original group and now no one knows you. I met up with Dave and chatted for a good hour, then told him I was going to run for 30:00 just to get my feet wet. I had no idea what to expect from the run, and as I started I cautiously ran at a very comfortable pace, or so I thought.

I felt really good. I was running through my walk timer because I thought that something was off. My heart rate was in control, and I wasn’t struggling. I looked at my watch and I was moving at a 10:37 pace. Now, for those of you who are new readers, 10:37 is like a sprint for me, but here I was, thinking I was going easy, and was running at a pace I had not seen in two years. What the hell was going on?

In recent runs Dave easily out does me, but not tonight. I forced myself back into my 30s/45s run walk because I kept thinking I was going to bottom out and didn’t want to have to half-ass it back to the store. But thing was that I never hit a wall. When my watch told me it was time to run I ran, hard, and felt loose and free while doing so. When walking I walked at a brisk pace (sub 15:00), and my heart rate recovered quickly, so when it was run time again I was able to go hard. My fastest pace of the night was 8:43, and my average for the 29:32 run was 12:36. This may seem slow to most, but I have not had a run in the 12:00 zone since beginning 2013. What caused this?

Has to be the Orange Theory workouts. After pondering it I think that the constant HIIT training afforded by OTF has resulted in me being able to “sprint” for 30 seconds and recover in 45 seconds enough to sprint again. Score one for HIIT.

Nothing recovers your motivation like a good run, so I think I am going to be OK. And in case you’re wondering I did miss the beginning of the Dolphins game, and they still won, so apparently my fat ass sitting in front of the TV has no effect on the outcome.

Go figure …

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