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FWMG“I will never, EVER, go to a chiropractor.”

I used to say that over and over again, my whole life. My first REAL girlfriend in high school (and also my first wife) used to go to one religiously in the 70’s. She was always getting her back and neck “cracked” (as she called it) and used to try to get me to go also.

“No way in Hell I am letting someone crack my back,” I would say. “Besides, nothing hurts so why would I do that?”

I used to feel this way about getting a massage too until I was finally talked into it a few years ago, first with the original massage goddess Lena Hudak and now with Kristine Cox. As with most things with me, and with most men I suspect, injury or pain is the final driving force to get you past that initial trepidation and onto the table.

Such was the issue with finally seeking help from a chiropractor.

I have had lower back issues for quite a while. It comes and goes, but usually rears its head when I am gaining weight. 255 pounds seems to be the tipping point for this issue. Over that and my back tightens when running, but under that and I tend to have no issues. Since I had been gaining weight it started again, but the difference was that it did not go away once I got to 255. I initially tried to power through it, ya know … being a man and all, but it had gotten to the point that no matter what I did I could not get through an hour work out. It was time to find help.

A co-worker, let’s call her Sarah (because that’s her name), mentioned to me that she was going during the week to a place downtown Tampa, walking distance from my office, that she was very happy with and highly recommended me trying it out. With more than a little hesitance, but in pain that day, I called the Florida Wellness Group and made an appointment with Dr. Holly Ridge.

My first day there Dr. Ridge talked to me in-depth about what I should expect and what she felt was the issue. They took X-Rays of my back and neck, and she poked and prodded me along my spine and shoulders. I have to be honest … it felt really good. Massage is great but this was … different. I had never felt my back or neck “crack”, and the first time she adjusted my neck I think I yelped a bit. Not in pain, but from shock.

The next visit we went over the X-Rays and Dr. Ridge pointed out how my neck, instead of being curved like a normal human being, was dead straight and jutted forward. It was very … let’s say interesting … to see it on the screen and be able to compare it. It also explains why my neck always feels tight and I was having headaches 6 out of 7 days.

A treatment plan was scheduled and I have been going now for a few weeks. I can say that, although the headaches still come, it’s only a couple of times per week now, and the biggest issue, the back pain, disappeared after the second visit. I am coming to look forward to my visits to Florida Wellness (and not just because Dr. Ridge looks suspiciously like Penny from the Big Bang Theory). I always leave feeling better, and the staff I have dealt with directly, especially Alina, make me feel very comfortable, even when I am wearing a head strap with weights on them.

If you’re in the Tampa area, please check this group out, and if you’re not, find a good one in your area. As a former cynic, I can say it will be well worth your time.

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  • November 30, 2014 at 9:52 pm

    I hear you. This is so true, men are always the last to join in the bandwagon. Pains and aches always go away when you’re young but as you age your body changes. Glad that you finally crossed that bridge and had yourself checked. You will definitely feel a lot of changes as you go through with the program.

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