A Challenging Year

10620579_10152815732614777_516843500716417364_nLast week I completed the weight loss challenge at Orange Theory Fitness. While I did not win I did meet my goal of at least 2 pounds per week. My final numbers were 12.2 pounds lost (266.2- to 254) and a total of 7.5 inches from various parts of the body (mostly waist and chest). The picture accompanying this post is actually a comparison from 2010 to 2014. It helps, even when I know I am not losing at the rate I would like, to look back at where I was when I started all of this and get a reality check. I still have a long way to go, yes, but I have also come along way.

2014 has been a very challenging year, both mentally and physically. What started as being the “Year of Ironman” went downhill quickly with ongoing health issues, weight issues, and a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. As much as I want to complete a 140.6 mile race I am having to look at whether or not this is the right thing for me, at least at this point. You will also notice that I called it a 140.6 mile race and not “Ironman”. This has been another change in my outlook this year. I am not as “enamored” with the Ironman brand as I once was and have been drawn more to smaller brands like HITS and REV3 (now Challenge Family), and even the smaller local venues like Clermont, over Ironman. I have my reasons, some ethically based and some cost based. This change in outlook is shared somewhat with my co-host on the podcast which will also necessitate a change in the show as well (details on that coming in this weeks IMYEARONE™ podcast).

So where does this leave me?

I have decided to stop, for the time being, pursuing long course triathlon. After all the issues this year and having to go back to sprint levels to fill my calendar in 2014 I have realized that I need to become much better at the short distances again. I have lost a step, so with that in mind I am claiming the year 2015 as my “restart”, or my “Back to the Future” year. The idea is this; I am not going to allow myself to go to longer course races (i.e. 70.3 and 140.6) until I can compete at a decent level in short course races (sprints and olympic).  Some soul searching was required for this, with the oft asked question of “why Ironman?” continually popping into my head. I was fillign my calendar with races I was not ready for, and was not able to GET ready for, and for what reason? To say I did it? Is that reason enough?

I don’t think so anymore.

Let’s be realistic. I have completed five 70.3 distance races. I can do the distance, but I want to get to a point now that I am not just in it to complete it. Like I said, I have already proven that. I need to work on competing, not just completing. This may not ever mean a podium, though that is on my goals list, but I need to be able to get close to that.

So, with all that in mind, 2015 will be much like 2010 and 2011 was; filled with sprints and olympics, and seeing where I am in September to maybe add a 70.3 to complete the season. The calendar is already filling up. I have two races left this year (REV3 in two weeks, and Space Coast Half Marathon at the end of November) and the following in 2015 as of today:

  • January 11: Disney Marathon
  • March 22: Great Clermont Triathlon
  • March 28-29: HITS Ocala (sprint probably)
  • April 26: St. Anthony’s (olympic)
  • May 23: Crystal River 1
  • June 6: Central Florida Triathlon Series 1
  • June 13: Crystal River 2
  • July 11: Central Florida Triathlon Series 2
  • July 25: Crystal River Twilight
  • August 8: Central Florida Triathlon Series 3
  • September 5: Crystal River 3
  • September 12: Central Florida Triathlon Series 4
  • October 11: Longleaf
  • October ??: Central Florida Endurance Festival (potential 70.3)
  • November ??: Challenge Family Naples (potential 70.3)

All of the above are sprint races unless I noted them differently.

I hope to see great improvements and re-discover my true mojo next season.

3 thoughts on “A Challenging Year

  • October 27, 2014 at 10:23 pm

    Hi. Have been listening to your podcast since the beginning, figured I’d check out the blog.

    Sounds like a solid plan. I’ll probably be at some of those races. Recently moved to Orlando from Atlanta. Feel the same way you do about WTC. My first attempt at iron distance was Beach 2 Battleship. I am planning on the Great Floridan 2015 for redemption from DNF’ing my first attempt

    • October 27, 2014 at 10:29 pm

      Thanks! We will be training in Clermont area quite a bit.

  • October 27, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Sounds like your body is ready for a much needed break. Hope you are feeling better
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