The Culture of Aggression


Not really, but I am going to write about it in this post and thought I’d get everyone in the correct mindset.

We have turned into an angry society. You see it everywhere. What was once an honest question meant to elicit answers and maybe fact sharing and interesting conversation turns quickly into name calling, passive aggressive behavior, hurt feelings when none was intended, and the world we live in has become a hostile one. Social media has turned everyone into health experts and political scientists … and has effectively removed honest and healthy discourse. If it’s not the vegans jumping on the paleo community because they are questioning the true amount of protein required in a normal human diet, it’s the paleo people jumping on the vegans for trying to suggest humans are meant to be vegetarian, and no matter what either says someone is going to blame Obama for it because, well, everything is his fault (and you BETTER not dare to question THAT good people or you will be in a flame war for DAYS).

It’s all exhausting, and if it wasn’t for a need to be involved in social media for the blog and the podcast it would be very tempting to take a hiatus from all the noise.

I truly don’t understand most of it. And I am not saying I am innocent of it either. I have been drawn into conversations and arguments when I know better. There is no winning in these discussions because there is no logic. Facts of science can be presented to people but if they do not believe it nothing you say is going to sway them. A republican is a republican. A democrat is a democrat. Obama could cure cancer and 50% of the country would still find fault with him. It’s just the nature of the beast.

I am discovering that when people really believe something to be true they expect you to believe it without question, and if you DO question something they say it is not usually met with helpful guidance and explanation, but rather with snarky remarks or outright hostility. This is especially true with nutrition, and more than especially true when dealing with the fringe believers; the vegans and the paleo practitioners. Neither like to answer questions, and they REALLY don’t like answering questions when there is no answer (kind of like asking a priest or nun the innocent child-like question of “if Adam and Eve were the first people and had two sons, where did their wives come from?” That question got my wrists swatted with a ruler on at least three occasions. And I still have no idea what the answer is.). Some of the beliefs don’t make sense to me, so I ask questions, and instead of getting mindful, thoughtful answers I am normally met with, well, almost outright hostility, like how dare I question them at all.

Just BELIEVE brother and ye shall be delivered.

Maybe so, but still doesn’t explain the protein question.

Like I said, I am not innocent in this. I am guilty of passive aggressive behavior on more than one occasion. Well, let me be more clear. I have been accused of passive aggressive behavior, because some assume that if I don’t use their name in an example I give that means I am attacking them covertly. That’s not the case. If I see something that brings a point to mind and I write about it, I don’t use a name directly because it is not about you directly. It’s about the action or issue itself. So, for example, if you post a picture of a Taco Bell breakfast item, and I comment in my blog about the Taco Bell breakfast item and how bad it is, I am not attacking you, and to be honest I am done apologizing for your feelings.

The internet has given voice to people who normally would not say the things they do. It has turned high school dropouts into political scientists, revealed how racist of a society we still are, and made average athletes nutrition experts. The bottom line is this, ALWAYS question what you read. Do your research and find your own answers. We have to rescue civil discourse at some point. Hating people for what they eat, or their training routines, or what side of an aisle they sit on, or what they write about does no one any good.

Just … Stop

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