Weight Loss Challenge – Half Way Mark

Halfway ThereOK. Time for a check in on the weight loss challenge that I started at Orange Theory Fitness on September 11th.

As with most of my athletic endeavors the body gives out before the mind. The requirement of three times per week that I thought would be hard turns out to not be so hard mentally, but physically it does start to grind on you. Not the workout as much as the working a full day in Tampa, then driving to St. Pete and waiting until 6:45 for the class I am signed up for weekly. Makes for late nights and little sleep during the week. I always feel great after I do it, but the next morning I am creaky and grumpy. And not in a good way.

So yesterday was the official halfway mark of the 6 week challenge time frame, and with that comes an official weigh in and measurements. Now most of you know I weigh everyday so nothing would be a shock. I know I have not been losing a great amount of weight, but I found myself still hopeful that I showed some progress. The scary and disturbing thing was how quickly I fell into the Weight Watchers mindset

yesterday. I didn’t want to eat because I had the weight in at 6 PM. I did manage to right myself before it got out of hand, but was scary to see how quickly you do get in that mode. Kate Thompson had shared that mindset of the Angriest Trainer podcast and on Ironman: Year One, but to be honest I never thought I would EVER fall into that trap. I now stand corrected. It’s a pretty strong mental pull to starve yourself before a weigh in.

To refresh those that missed the initial post, my measurements on 9/11 were these:

  • Weight = 266.2
  • Chest = 50″
  • Waist = 49″
  • Hips = 47″
  • Right Thigh = 23″
  • Right Arm = 15.5″

My numbers last night were these:

  • Weight = 262.4
  • Chest = 48″
  • Waist = 47″
  • Hips = 47″
  • Right Thigh = 22″
  • Right Arm = 14″
So right at 4 pounds lost and around 6 inches lost. Not  nearly good enough to win this thing but it does show progress. The odd things that stand out are the loss in my chest, thigh, and arm. Normally women lose in these areas but men tend to GAIN here. To describe myself for those who don’t know me in person, I have a lot of weight in my belly but my legs, chest, shoulders are pretty sold. No fat in leg area and very little in upper body, so to lose inches in the thigh and arm is odd. May be the person measuring was different from the first one, but was unexpected.

I don’t feel like I am losing inches though. My clothes are not looser than they were, so not really believing that result to be honest. What I HAVE noticed is how I am handling the workouts. I am still having lower back issues, but that was identified when I had my check for the PsA, so I know it’s an issue. I have been paying close attention to when my back starts to seize to identify what is triggering it and have found that starting on the treadmill is best. Even if I have an issue I can usually work through it there. If I start on the weights though I find I have more of an issue, especially when exercises are heavy on the leg lifting, such as mountain climbers, full body pulls on TRX straps, etc. Once it gets to a certain point there is no relief until I stop for a while, as was the case on Saturday when I had to call a 90 minute workout at minute 30.

Another good thing I have noticed is that I can run on the treadmill a lot more than I could when I started. I love the run to row workouts, where you go a specified distance on the treadmill before going to the rower for a specified distance, than back to the treadmill over and over. I think switching it up like that makes it easier on the back since I am not doing one specific thing over and over.

So, three more weeks and we will see how it ends up. If I repeat the first half at least I’ll be down 8 pounds. It won’t be enough to win but it’s still 8 pounds.

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