The Ghost in the Keyhole

TransparentKeyGhost-copyNo matter where you go someone is watching …

I know that can be creepy, but hear me out.

I don’t mind being “watched” by the majority of the people I know. In fact, most of the time I welcome it. I have been stalked on here by people in my past that I’d rather not have stalking me, and they used information on this blog to try to harm me in my job(s), and to be honest at one point I thought about stopping this writing thing, but some other readers/friends convinced me to not let one or two people with behavior issues stop me from doing something I like to do. Plus, they already harmed me enough they really couldn’t do much more, so I soldiered on (you lucky people).

I am more referring to those who I have met through various online sites, mostly reporting sites such as MyFitnesspal, Daily Mile, and Facebook. The ones that were either going through the same weight and training issues, or those that were willing to help old, fat men in their crazy notions of completing triathlons. These people come in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life. They all have input, which I take in and filter for what I need, and I can honestly say that I have never received advice that was wrong. It may have been wrong for ME, but none was wrong as a whole. I met my first real triathlon coach through Daily Mile, Kristie Concepcion, because we saw that we were both local.

That is the thing about triathletes above all other sports, even the disciplines taken separately. They LOVE to share information and help you out. I had talked about this in other posts, but it is how you can spot a triathlete over a cyclist. If you’re broken down on the road and a cyclist comes roaring by, they won’t even acknowledge you. But a triathlete? They will not only acknowledge you but they will stop, give you a spare tire or CO2 cartridge, help you fix the flat, and on and on. I have seen in more than once, and I have offered more than once. I am generalizing, of course, because I am sure there are plenty of cyclists that are good people as well. This is just an observation I have made over the past 4 years. Cyclists take themselves way too seriously, while a triathlete tends to be a bit more open and welcoming. Now runner? Runners are a breed apart. Always welcoming, especially the Ultra runners or trail runners.

I, for one, welcome the wolves at my door, the ghosts in my keyholes, the ones looking at my posts and critiquing them. I don’t always agree with what their input is, especially when they look at my diet post and tell me I should eat more although I tell them constantly I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am not. But they keep you honest. They don’t allow you to falter, or shirk your workouts. They question you when your training plan calls for a 2000m swim and your post is only 1600m. They ask if you’re OK when you skip a workout and don’t post anything. It’s almost unsettling if you haven’t posted and they DON’T notice.

There’s a wolf at your door he wants your mind he wants your soul
There’s a wolf at your door you give it all he wants more
The wolf at your door says he’s playing for keeps
Breathing down your neck of it’s so hard to sleep
With a wolf at your door

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