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ppt-logo2In case you are new to this blog, let me start this post by saying this:

I am a physical mess …

I wasn’t always like this. There was a time where I was a football player, a soccer player, a weight lifter, and ran track.

There was a time when I was a fit Navy guy who did PT as if it was nothing.

Cancer and years of inactivity took care of that, and even though I started to right the ship a few years ago, the years have taken it’s toll. Getting back into shape as a young man is tough enough, but trying to regain some semblance of fitness when you’re a 50 year old man is quite a bit harder.

I try …. Lord knows I am trying … but even with the miles of biking and running, and the laps upon laps of swimming, dealing with the soreness and old muscles, coupled with the pain of psoriatic arthritis is becoming harder. But I am not willing to throw in the towel yet, but I know I have to figure out what is going on, so when I was contacted by Dylan regarding the opportunity to come to Premier Physical Fitness and have Dr. Eric Schweitzer put me through the paces I jumped at the chance.

Even though I was given this free visit, my opinions here are my own.

Once entering the office Dylan met me and gave me a quick walk through of the facility. I was comfortable very quickly. It has very modern equipment and is very clean and organized. What is important to me when visiting a doctor’s office, or any office, is that you don’t feel like one of many, that they make you feel important and they know you. That is what draws me to me personal doctor, Michael Heim in Tampa, and it is what drew me away from Dr. Stephen Parks in Brandon, someone who I went to for over 5 years and never met once (I always saw a PA). Even something as small as having my name printed on the sign in sheet made me feel like they knew I was coming and were waiting for me to get there. It might be silly or small to some, but to me the little touches like that are important.

Premier Physical Therapy 1Dr. Schweitzer came to the waiting room and greeted me, and led me back into the main treatment area. He asked me the usual questions in these visits (“What do you hope to gain”) but my experience from that point on was nothing usual or normal, at least in my experience. I explained to him my history of cancer, weight gain, and my issue with PsA and the pains and aches I have been feeling. He then proceeded to put me through some exercises to determine what issues I had.

These ranged from decent (i.e. my running form was pretty good … thank you Chi Running) to notPremier Physical Therapy 2 so decent (my balance is way off and ankle flexibility is tight). As you can see from the pictures, I rotate my body to compensate for some of these issues, which is eye opening to see it on pictures and video. That was another great part of the process, they took pictures and video of everything we did, so afterwards we sat and reviewed it piece by piece. I could see how my body was compensating for each weakness. This did not happen during other therapy experiences, and it made a difference.

I would highly recommend anyone in the Tampa-St. Pete area with issues visit Dr.’s Schweitzer and Chorlog at Premier Physical Therapy. They offer running services, yoga, and are an Ironman partner.

Tell them the Fat Slow Triathlete sent you!

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