Product Review: NOW Foods

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NOW Foods, a family owned company since 1968, is a leader in the nutritional supplements industry and dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive approach to wellness bu offering a variety of high quality, natural, and affordable products. NOW Foods offers more than 1,400 natural products. I was supplied as part of this review 5 products to use and test. These were Organic Whey Protein, Liquid Carnitine, MCT Oil, Extreme Men’s Multi-Vitamin, and Vanilla Pea Protein. I have been using all of these for the past 4 weeks, and although these were provided to me, the opinions I will provide here are my own.

WheyOrganic Whey Protein

The type I was sent was unflavored which immediately gave me pause. I have not liked previous attempts at using unflavored protein but I am always willing to try something new, so after reviewing the ingredient list for any hidden items I won’t eat (i.e. sugar) I threw it into a protein shake which included coconut milk and blueberries. It mixed very well and just as the jar indicated added no distinguishable flavor to the shake. For the first try I used a blender to get a good mix, so for the second try I decided to see if I could mix it with just a blender bottle, and was happy with the fact that it mixed easily with very little clumping. The problem with using unflavored mixes is that it is just that, unflavored, so unless you are ok with a plain tasting drink other items will need to be added to make it more palatable. All in all I was happy with this product and will be ordering from them when this supply gets low.

Grade: A

L-CarnitineLiquid Carnitine

I have used a product like this in the past so was not hesitant at all to add this to my drinks. As far as effect, it is much the same as I had seen before … it is one of those items that you don’t really notice. Since it is a non-essential amino, and found naturally in meat products, it is something that those follwing a vegan lifestyle are not getting much, if any, as part of their diet. Does this matter? Who really knows, since there are plenty of athletes eating this way with no effect that we can see … so it’s use and/or actual need can be questioned. What I did not like about this specific product was that it is “flavored”, specifically it is Citrus Flavored. When something like this is flavored it means something has been added, in this case flavoring (labeled as “natural” and stevia. It is not something I would continue to use because of that, but for those with no issues with these items it was easily digestible and mild tasting.

Grade: B-


This was the product I was most interested in trying out of the batch I was sent. I have been using coconut oil as my primary source of MCT since being turned onto the benefits of it through Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast. I had heard stories, though, that straight MCT was not very good tasting and was hard to stomach. I can takes the taste of most “harsh” tasting items. like Macca Powder, but wanted to see how this would be, especially added to coffee as part of the bulletproof recipe.

When I opened the bottle I gave it a whiff but smelled nothing. There was o smell to me, so I dipped a finger in and tasted it. Nothing. There was no taste. Good start. I have been adding it to my coffee daily ever since and have loved it. Like most oils it will float to the top unless blended, but unlike coconut oil it gives it no taste. I have also been adding it to my water bottles for long bike rides to give myself some added fat for energy. This was by far the best product in the batch and I highly recommend it. It doesn’t hurt that it is also CHEAP. If you use MCT, and why wouldn’t you, you must try this brand.

Grade: A+

MultiMen’s Extreme Multi Vitamin

As far as multi-vitamins go it is a good product. It has the usual suspects included along with a few extra items (including green tea and MCT oil) which are not normally found in a vitamin, so that will set it apart. The one issue I have always had with these type of products, and this is no different here, is the number you have to take (in this case a serving is 3 caps per day). Hopefully someone one day will figure out a way to get everything in one manageable capsule. There was no “vitamin” smell or after taste (i.e. vitamin burps) so that makes it a leader to be added to my daily consumption.

Grade: B

PeaVanilla Pea Protein

I want to like pea protein. I really do. I have used some other brands in the past (VegaOne for example) and just could not get by the taste. While NOW brand does taste better than those I have tried in the past, it still was not to my liking. I tried it with a few different mixes, including coconut milk, and almond milk, and it mixed well and with added items like berries, banana, cinnamon, I could get it to a point where I could drink it. I know there are some that LOVE this kind of protein, so I do not want to discourage anyone from trying it. As I said, as far as pea protein goes it was the best I have ever tried, but the taste is just not my style. It also has added flavoring (obviously) and stevia again, which I try to avoid, bit I am sure it is needed to make to palatable in some way. I am giving it a average grade because I KNOW there are people reading this that will like it. It just wasn’t my style.

Grade: C

So there is my review of the products I was sent. Overall I was pleased with NOW foods, and after looking through their site I will be ordering other items from them in the future. They are a non-GMO, family run, business and their prices are great, especially for us cash strapped triathletes trying to eat natural healthy foods. Take a moment and check them out.

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