Product Review: Reebok ZQuick Running Shoe

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok

As a big guy I am very careful about what shoes I will use and can use, especially on long runs. 
And I have tried them all … Brooks, Asics, Hoka, Newtons, Saucony … with varied success and failures. I am the opposite of a minimalist runner. As I have stated in previous posts, I refer to myself as a maximalist. Although runs still hurt, and probably because they do still hurt, I look for a shoe that offers the most comfort and support for my 250 pound frame, yet still allows me to put in my required 20-30 miles a week with as little wear and tear as possible.
I will be honest. I was hesitant when Reebok sent me their new ZQuick running shows to try, and my fear didn’t subside when I pulled them from the box. They were light, and they looked good, but appeared like a light running shoe, and with my history I was worried they could not handle my weight, and especially my weight combined with the mileage I need to put on them.
As luck would have it, though, I am in a cycle where I am only running 5-8 miles per session, so it afforded me the chance to try these at lower distances without fear of injuring myself again. I started with just putting them on and wearing them around for a day. Reebok based their design and build on the highly rated Z tires. It features a no-sew upper which is very light but seems to be very durable. The sides are low cut which allowed for mobility, and the inner “bootie” I liked a lot. It hugged my foot and gave me the feeling of support while at the same time gave me a feeling that my foot was not anchored in like other shoes do. It doesn’t hurt that the show looks good either. The style I received was the same as in the picture with a black netting instead of the matching blue. 
Walking in them started to put my mind at ease. Others I have tried I could tell just by walking that running would not work, but the ZQuicks felt comfortable on my feet right from the start and did not alter throughout the full day, so the next day on a planned 5 mile run I slipped them on and headed out the door. I am used to wearing a shoe with a lot of cushion, so I will say that I could tell the Z’s had less, but what it lacked in cushion it made up in support and weight. I felt like I had nothing on my feet, but at the same time by the end of the run I had no sole soreness or ankle issues. The manner in which the sole of the shoe is built allowed for a great deal of flexibility but also a great deal of control when moving around on the road (yes, I admit, I tried a few football moves as seen in the promo video HERE. I couldn’t help but channel my inner running back.).
I liked the shoe. In saying that I am not sure how it would handle me for a longer run like a marathon, so I am not 100% on recommending them to my larger friends and listners to the IMYearOne podcast, but I know I will use them for my shorter runs. In saying that I am not saying that’s the shoe’s issue. More so mine. In every test I put them though in the 5-8 mile runs I used them for they felt great and performed even better than I expected. Definitely try them out if you’re looking for a new shoe. There are shoe stores that will let you wear them for a run to see if they work for you, so at least give them a look. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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