Running Heavy

This running thing is just not getting better, and it is becoming a little frustrating. Now I realize that some of the issue is this new medical problem that has surfaced, but my lack of progress and improvement is starting to become a bit disheartening and I am not sure what to do about it. Let me also say that any running I am doing now is against orders from doctor, so maybe I am expecting more than I should, but with two races coming up in March the idea of not running and preparing was not sitting well. In my defense I did cut back a lot, and most of my running during the week has been in the 3-4 mile range, so I tried, but once again I am finding that my pace and ability is decreasing instead of improving.
After a few weeks of laying off I decided to give a long run a try yesterday. 10 miles. Right from the start I knew I was in trouble. My legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each. I am not sure what the issue is here. Jennifer and others are thinking there is an issue with how my body is flushing lactic acid (or not flushing it in my case), or that my muscles are not recovering in the correct way. This run was just bad from mile 2 on … legs were heavy, heart rate was high, hell … even my feet got sore which has not happened to me since switching to the Hoka shoe. It was like going back in time 2 years. I am sitting here now sore all over … and not the good kind of sore where you know you got a good work out in and are happy … no, this kind of sore is the crawl in bed and medicate until you can move again sore. My ribs hurt. Why, the hell, do my ribs hurt??
With all of the medical issues aside, I know it still comes down to my weight. I am just too damn heavy. There is now way I can complete this races at my current weight, but since November I have gained back to 250 and cannot get by it. The frustrating thing is that I am very good on my diet, as far as not eating sugar or grains. And this is where it gets dicey, because although I know in my head I am doing the right things, it still makes you wonder why I am doing it if it makes no difference. I had blood work last week and, of course, all in normal ranges. Isn’t it sad that I wish something bad would show up on blood work? Even during the weekly call last night with KC she pointed out that at least I know it’s not all my fault, and that is true, but I am eyeing races in the future and …. I’ll admit …. scared that I am going to be in serious pain. Any races of this distance is going to cause you to hurt … it’s part of doing long course races like Ironman and Badwater … but you should never be in pain. I see pain in my future. If a 10 mile “jaunt” is making me hurt this bad today, what is 140.6 miles going to do to me, or for that matter a 13.1 mile race coming in 27 days? Even more to the point, should I force myself to run these races right now through the pain, or is it better to stay on the meds I am on and train as best I can with the focus on the A race in September, and just hope that the medication and treatments get me going in time? I fear injury … an injury in early March last season derailed races all year long (although I finished all of them, I now my performance was hurt). I have mentioned here and on the podcast a few times that although I am slow, I take great pride in that I have never DNF’ed a race. I sure as hell don’t want my first to be in Chattanooga.
So what are your thoughts on this, loyal readers?  

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