100,000 Years: FST KISS Challenge #1

KISS (1974)
So, as the first of my challenge to use one KISS song from each album, in order, for blog posts, I chose the song “100,000 Years” from album 1. The song itself is about reacquainting  yourself with each other after being on the road. The first verse goes:
Sorry you have waited so long
It must have been a bitch while I was gone
Mind if I sit down for awhile?
Reacquaint yourself with the star

Now the trick is how to turn these titles around and craft them into a blog post that has some semblance to training, health, food, or various other rants I am prone to go off on.
There’s the rub … 
I was thinking about this title yesterday while riding the hills. When we start off it seems like such a short time that you are facing doesn’t it? Go ride for a couple of hours. In San Ann, for me, that’s usually the short course, which is just under 31 miles. At my normal pace, which is slow in the hills, that’s just over 2 hours (2:04:54 yesterday to be exact, and yes I know this has to get faster) but 2 hours isn’t that big of a deal right? The length of a movie? Piece of cake. But as hard as I try to “zone” or to ponder the mysteries of the universe and the meaning of life (which is 42 by the way), the time creeps slowly. Your legs start burning after that first climb, and when you finally reach the dead end where you make the right onto Bellamy Brothers Road you are SURE you have put 20 miles behind you. But no, you’ve ridden this so many times that you know that you’ve just hit 11 miles and have 20 more to go. What has not even been an hour feels like two.
Strange things get in your head too. Yesterday the old Jim Stafford song “Spiders and Snakes” was rattling around in my head. Google it, or maybe I’ll place a YouTube link on the bottom. You have to be at least 48 to remember that song. I have no idea why this song came to mind. I was thinking about the lyrics and there’s nothing in there that links to bike riding, or triathlon, or training in general. 
I remember when Mary Lou
Said “you wanna walk me home from school?”
Well, I said … “yes I do”
She said, “don’t have to go right home and I’m the kind to like to be alone
son, if you would”
I said, “me too”
As a “kind of sad” side note, I didn’t have to Google those lyrics. I have no idea how I remember this crap.
The next song to enter my head was “Red Dragon Tattoo” by Fountains of Wayne. I know why this one got in there though. The turn off Bellamy Brothers Road for the 30 mile route is Hayden Road, and there ‘s a line in the song that goes “drink down lots of Basil Hayden”.
See … some reasoning there. 🙂
So anyway, this week starts the serious training for Ironman in September and the training plan calls for 120+ miles worth of swimming, biking, and running. How I am going to fit all this into my day is beyond me, but I am giving it my full effort. There may be some early morning, before work swims or runs in order to do it and still manage 7 hours of sleep each night, but people do it all the time. All I know for sure is that one way or the other I am going to emerge by the end of the year a different guy … for better or for worse. It will only be a year in time, but it may feel like 100,00 years long. There are going to be changes in the next nine months … some started yesterday … but I have to know in my head … and in my heart … that everything is for the best … and succeed or fail I am worth the effort. 
If others can’t see that … it’s their loss … 

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