A Day in the Life

I was reading an article in this month’s Fast Company this morning that was looking at the habits of the most productive people. I love this magazine because it gives you insights to these impressive and successful portions of the population, and really delves into what they have done in the past and what they currently do each day. It made me start thinking about how I spend my days … not just on a superficial level, but deep into the actions during the morning, afternoon, and evening, and then made me wonder if I am best utilizing my time. You tend to think you are doing “your best” each day, that you are doing all you can do to fit in work, family, training, and then still get adequate rest. But are you? I think if we all really and HONESTLY look at what we do each day we’d be surprised.
Now I am not ridiculous enough to believe that every second of every day needs to be spent on something productive, and in reading some of these stories I have a hard time believing that it is entirely truthful, but I still looked back at my last week and wrote down how I spent my weekdays and weekends. It was pretty telling, and eye opening.
My alarm goes off at 4:30 AM and again at 4:45 AM. I am not a quick riser and I know this about myself. I am usually up and moving by 5:15 and straight to the shower. Once I am up and moving I am pretty fast … not a lot of dawdling. I do the three S’s (you can guess what those are … you already know Showering). I am lucky in that I have a light beard and though it can grown it grows slow, so I only have to shave about every third day. So know you know the second S, once I take care of the third one I weigh myself. I then check my email and text messages because I know I crashed at some point the night before and missed something. I may or not check Facebook as well, even more now that the podcast is up and running, just to make sure there isn’t something I need to follow up on. 
After I am dressed and ready I head to the living room and take Spencer outside for a few minutes. He sleeps in his crate so he needs to get out and stretch his legs. After he does his business I give him a treat and then, unfortunately, put him back in his cage until my son wakes up and takes him out again. Always makes me feel bad, but we’ve been told it is nest to do that with Dachshunds because the tend to get into things left to their own devices.  
I grab my bag and off to the office. I stop at Starbucks 4 of 5 days and grabs a Venti Iced Coffee with a splash of Heavy Cream and no sweetener. The store I stop at is great because they now know me and Toya has my drink ready when they see me walking up. Love that.
I am in the office by 6:30-6:45 and do my normal work day … which is monotonous and boring and at the same time trying and frustrating. Only people that have worked in local government can truly understand this. It’s soul sapping. I can’t say more. The only good part of the day is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Dave and I head to Powerhouse Gym at noon and get a mid-day workout in, which greatly splits up the day. It,s a nice mile walk to the gym and back, and we can get a decent full body program done before heading back. In addition, on occasion I get to meet Kate for coffee at lunch or in the early afternoon and talk to someone with some brains.
Much of the same work issues, but since I get there so early I can usually extract myself by 4:00 or so. During the summer this is great because you still have 4 hours of sun left, but in the winter the dark comes fast, so any riding is out. Not because of the dark but because all of the trails close early. So, if you ride it is usually on the trainer, which I hate. The run is different which is why you see my running time pick up during these months. I can still get out and do 4-6 miles because the roads are lit and it’s a good area for running. Swimming is done at an indoor pool so that’s not an issue either. I did look at an Aquatic Center in Brandon but it is outside and their hours are not good during the winter. LA Fitness pool is not the best in the world (not well maintained, shallow, etc.) and it often has classes that take up the entire pool if you get there at the wrong time, but it’s the best option at the moment.
Here’s where the hard work can be ruined very quickly. I am not a stress eater. I am a boredom eater, and when I am sitting and doing nothing, which is normal after a workout, I tend to munch. Now, if I was lucky enough to live alone, there would be nothing in my house that could derail my efforts even if I did start munching, but with a 19 year old son here there are many, many, MANY, things around that can mess me up. I do my best. Sometimes I will go to bed early to keep me from going into munch mode. On a normal night, though I am in bed by 10 and ready for another day.
My weekends are different. Much more time for munching and falling off the wagon, especially if the training day was early and over early. My way around this during peak training is to train and be out of the house most of the day, leaving at 6 and not coming home until 3-4. Saturdays are usually a long run day and Sunday’s we ride long, with maybe a swim thrown in on Saturday as well. Some Sundays we also meet with KC to go over issues, plans, etc. just to make sure the progress is being made and on track.
So there’s my week, in a nutshell, and more or less has been the same for awhile. Do you see issues and where I could make changes to improve (and don’t say workout in the morning. I won’t. Just not me, and it also takes away the evening work which is my saving grace at times).

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