I Just Wanna

Inspiration comes from the strangest sources at time doesn’t it? I was writing about my lack of creativity recently due to my focus being on the podcast (Ironman: Year One – available in iTunes or through numerous podcast applications) and struggling with getting something in writing at least once a week. This is not normal for me as most of you who read regularly know I post at least two a week and sometimes three. Going more than a week without some valuable insight from the Fat Slow Triathlete is not the norm.
I know you miss me …
A lot of you are also aware that, especially in the beginning, I get many blog titles from songs I like, or have heard, that may have nothing to do with the lyrics, but rather the title stoked something in my little brain that required expounding on.
This is one of those posts …
My favorite band since I was very young is KISS, but to be honest I rarely listen to them anymore. Last night was an exception. While having one eye on the TV watching “Almost Human” (a really good show by the way. Check it out.) I was going through my iTunes library and watching some videos I had downloaded over the years (Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, Escape the Fate, Alice Cooper, My Chemical Romance) when I came across a KISS video.
Side Note: Is it weird that I was watching the show “Almost Human” and KISS actually had a song called “Almost Human” on the Love Gun album in 1977? Weird …

Actually the ONLY KISS video I have in my library. It’s a song called “I Just Wanna” from the album “Revenge” (the non-makeup years). For you inquisitive types it is the album that came out right after Eric Carr’s death (the drummer that replaced Peter Criss) from heart cancer and features the drummer Eric Singer who is now wearing the cat makeup in the current line-up.
I know … too much useless information in my head …
Anyways, the song has nothing to do with “health” or “fitness” (shocker I know) but rather Paul singing about moving on … (“I don’t want a romance … I don’t wanna dance … I just wanna forget you”) … but still, the title “I Just Wanna” hit me and made me start thinking about the things I “wanna” … like …
I Just Wanna … lose 21.9 pounds and be able to maintain the weight at 200
I Just Wanna … like what I do for a living … just once in my lifetime
I Just Wanna … to not have to worry about money anymore. I don’t mean I want to be rich. That’s different. I am tired of worrying every week. I’ve spent a lifetime doing it and I don’t wanna do it any more.
I Just Wanna … be a good example of what CAN be if you set your mind to something
I Just Wanna … be someone my family respects
I Just Wanna … be someone that people can look to for inspiration
I Just Wanna … leave a mark on the world when I am gone … something that says I was here
I Just Wanna … see the Dolphins win a Super Bowl again. I mean, come on, 40 years is long enough right??
I Just Wanna … be more sure of myself and be happy with who I am. I have been told that I come across in writing as someone who is very comfortable with themselves. It’s a ruse. I’m not, as people who are close to me can tell you.
I Just Wanna … not be bored
I know it’s a weird list … I wrote down the first things that popped in my head. It’s disjointed but it’s the crap floating around up there taking space. Take it for what it’s worth.

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