Product Review: Aqua Goggles

Swimming in Triathlon is hard enough. The anxiety I feel, even with three years under my belt, while walking to the swim start cannot be described. I put in my time … hundreds to thousands of laps … open water swimming in 65-degree water during the winter … and still the initial entry in the race is the hardest part for me to overcome. The last thing I need is to add to this anxiety by not being able to see.

I’m blind as a bat. I wear the prototypical coke bottle glasses. Luckily technology is such these days that they can get them down to a reasonable thickness, but still, if I choose the wrong frame it is very evident how thick they are. Yes, I can wear contacts, and I do have them, but cancer I had has affected the moisture in my body, so my eyes dry out very fast. Wearing contacts makes me look like I’m on a three-day bender. All the time.

So, when I started triathlons I knew this would be an issue. I thought I could get away with not wearing glasses in the swim but that went out the window fast when I realized that I could not see ANY buoys at all, even on clear, flat conditions. Added to that, not every race had the ability to leave glasses at the exit of the swim leg, so you are blind going to the start and then trying to get from the exit to T1 and finding your bike.

Not fun …

A friend then told me about a website they found when searching for goggles their son could wear in soccer. AquaGoggles.

These are going to be frighteningly expensive, I thought. Especially with my prescription.

But I was at the end of my rope so I checked them out, and was pleasantly surprised.

First, the price was only $23.95 for any prescription. Nice price point. But then I started wondering about quality. For this price how good could they be? Are they going to crap out on me in the middle of a 1.2-mile swim?

I decided to take a shot and ordered a pair.

Wow … I immediately felt more comfortable being able to actually see! Did I look like an idiot wearing goggles from the transition to swimming start, and keeping them on into T1? Yeah. But who cares? Without the exact measuring of a true prescription fit, they are far from perfect, but they are more than enough to allow me to see the buoys, and see my bike.

As far as the quality all I can say is this … I used the same pair for 2 seasons. I did buy a second pair as a back-up just in case, but they never leaked, never broke, and got me through every race and training sessions without an issue.

AquaGoggles are an outstanding product and well worth the price. As a housekeeping point, they neither paid me nor provided product, to have me review it here on the blog. I feel so good about this purchase that I felt the need to share it with everyone. If you are like I am, check them out at and get a pair for yourself. The peace of mind they provide is priceless.

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