I Have a Face Made for Podcasting: The Ironman: Year One Podcast is On the Air

Yes … as you may know by now … I am on the airwaves.
Andrew Weaver, he of the Doughboy To Ironman blog, approached me a few weeks ago about the idea of starting a podcast that would offer insight from the back of the pack. From our conversations through the NSNG group, and the fact that Vinnie Tortorich kept mixing us up in the beginning, we discovered that we have a lot in common as far as we are in the game, and where we come from, coupled with the fact that we both decided to enter full Ironman races next year. With all that in mind the podcast “Ironman: Year One” or “IMYO” for short, was born and the first episode was recorded and uploaded last Sunday. You can stream it at Andrew’s site (www.doughboytoironman.com) at the moment while it is in the process of being reviewed but the good folks at Apple for inclusion in iTunes. I hope you all take a moment and give it a listen. Neither of us are pro’s (Andrew is a minister so he is a bit more used to talking than I am) so feedback and comments are more than welcome.
I have to admit that I was a bit nervous heading into this. I am not what you would call an extrovert. Jennifer and I recently had a discussion about this. I am fine being with one or two people (or none) and hanging out, but a crowd makes me uncomfortable. It may be part of my upbringing, and definitely is a psychological issue with me, but I always think people are looking and judging. Even yesterday while at the gym I was talking to Dave (my stalwart weight lifting partner) about how Saturday night while at a conference I had a picture taken (why I subjected myself I have NO idea) and couldn’t stand how fat I looked in it, then how uncomfortable I was after that because I felt … well … gross. He said to me “you really need to stop worrying about what others think”.
Oh if I only could Dave … if I only could.
In any case, Andrew made it very easy to talk, and it turned out better than I had imagined … kind of like two guys just talking about the issues we have and how we get through them. The podcast is not meant for the pro or elite age-groupers. As we state in the beginning, it is meant for the middle to back of the pack runners. There are a lot of us out there, and it is our hope to give us a “voice” of sorts. We spoke about our personal histories, how we came to find endurance training and racing, the great Vinnie Tortorich, Anna Vocino, Jon Smith and Debbie Potts (via Fit Fat Fast). My coach Kristie Concepcion was mentioned a few times (cuz she rocks!), as well as Jennifer Cultrera (my PIC), Kate Thompson (more to come on her journey I am sure), Team in Training, and Dr. Michael Heim. We also go off track a few times into pop-culture (something we both have a gift for) and he quizzes me on movie clips (which I got right!!).
It is going to be an adventure for sure. One that will last at least a year. Where will it go from there who know? I can see a book in our future! But in the meantime, please check it out, download it once it gets to iTunes, review it online, send comments to IMYearOne@gmail.comand let us know what you think and maybe some ideas about what to talk about. We hope to get guests on as well (Vinnie, Anna, Jon, Debbie) so stay tuned.
Additionally, the opening theme music is a KISS song. How can you go wrong with that???

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