What’s The Plan, Stan?

And so it begins … the race in Augusta is over and now I am left with both an empty feeling and a dreaded one … because IRONMAN Chattanooga is in the future … and I am not ready. 
There is plenty of time to rectify this. I know this in my heart. About 358 days to be exact … but it will be there like a spectre hanging over my head. There are so many things I need to improve on … I need to get better at … that there is no time to really rest on my laurels (whatever a laurel is). I need to get moving. I need to have a plan. I need to start NOW. 
I’m a bit anal … can you tell? 
I sent my coach a rambling email earlier. I have not read it over, but I think I asked her about 54 questions all contained in one sentence. 
Biomechanics? I need to get measured. I need to figure out why I look like a galloping Clydesdale while I am running (and we all know there are NO Clydesdales allowed in Ironman). Is it just due to weight, or do I have a true imbalance in my body that needs to be corrected? And if I do, HOW do I correct it?? 
Weight? I need less of it. Jon and Debbie spoke about this in a recent podcast (ep.35 of FitFatFast.com). He was talking about the size of some people racing in IM Wisconsin and how much effort it takes to race while over weight and/or obese. I know this pain well. I have aches in my back during the bike and my feet become on big bruise on the run. It is weight related. It needs to be fixed. 
Weight Trainingactually something I like doing. What do I need to be doing and how often? Do I focus on heavy weights for size or light weights for definition? 
Massage? Already on that. Checked in with the Massage Goddess Lena who is now in St. Pete at Peaceful Warrior. I have an appointment set for next Friday. Next …. 
Yoga? People have been telling me to do this for awhile. I am hesitant. My balance and flexibility sucks, so I am not going to be pretty while doing this. I can’t go to a class with the “beautiful people” who go all the time, so need to find a beginning class that doesn’t make me feel like someone is going to start throwing water on me while they yell for someone else to call Sea World. I know. MY issue. Doesn’t make it less relevant. 
I was looking at my prior HIM times and trying to get a sense of what I can expect if I did the 140.6 now. I would come in at 16:59:57. The cut off is 17:00:00. I would love to say that I will average 20 mph on the bike and run a 10:00 pace … but even with a year I doubt that I can do that. So what do I shoot for? The best I think I can do. I am shooting for 15:30:00. That is 7 hour bike (@16mph), 7 hour run (@16:00 pace), and 1:05 swim (@ 1:45/100m pace), and 10:00 T1/T2. I think this is doable with current level and training. It could be faster I think, but this is me being realistic. I would take a sub 16:00:00 IM for a first shot at one. I just want to get through it in one piece and not feeling like I will never do another one. 
There are also so many different thoughts on how to train for this distance. I have been reading through different plans and, though most have the same idea as a top-level view, they differ so greatly when you dig on. One says that you don’t have to do the distance of the planned race, but focus on the time (i.e. if the planned ride in my example is 7 hours, then ride 7 hours in training regardless of distance). Another one says that you focus on the bike, because the bike helps the run, and limit runs to no more than 1.5 hours due to the beating the body takes, and almost completely disregard the swim, limiting it to one long workout per week.
This is where having a good coach comes in I guess, to help you weed through the information and find what works best for you and go from there.

2 thoughts on “What’s The Plan, Stan?

  • October 7, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Somehow I ended up here after getting on MyFitnessPal to start logging my food and I was checking out groups and so on. I did my first IM last year in AZ (Hometown) and am starting over on my journey to my second IM at Chattanooga. I will subscribe to your blog to follow your journey. I think we have a lot to share and can offer a lot of support to each other. I have a few BLOG BUDDIES who I feel like I know very well and some that I even have met in person. Please check out my blog at turtlescanfly2@blogspot.com. Last year I blogged weekly on my journey to IM so you might enjoy going back in time on my old posts. Sounds like you are well on my way. In less than a year, YOU WILL BE AN IRONMAN. You have actually gone through a lot of things tougher than IM, but in the end it is not about the race. Happy to meet you. Beth in AZ (Flying Turtle)

  • October 5, 2013 at 7:53 am

    Lift heavy! We'll get definition through diet. See you in the gym Monday!

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