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A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of a product called Pür Pak asking if I’d be willing to sample their product and provide a review. After reviewing the ingredients I decided to participate, interested in the manner of consuming basically a multi-vitamin as a drink vs. a pill. What follows is, as always, my own opinion. I was provided products to review but this in no way alters my viewpoint in this post. 
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I reviewed the ingredient list of their products and, of course, the first things that pops out at me is the sugar. In Pür Pak’s case this is in the form of “organic cane sugar” and “stevia extract”. As you all know I try to not consume sugar, but decided to give this a try as it was only 2g total. It also contains additive called “silica”. Silica is a common additive in the production of foods, where it is used primarily as a flow agent. I received samples of all three of their flavors; simply green, citrus, and berry. I used all three at a minimum of three times just to make sure first impressions were not given … 
The description form their website ( reads: 
Pür Pak is the top all-inclusive lifestyle supplement. Pür Pak is organic, offers a multitude of health benefits, and comes in three great tasting flavors. Pür Pak’s formula was developed with one goal at the forefront of research and development: to enhance health and performance. The all-inclusive proprietary formula is unique because of the specific form and amount of each individual nutrient. The result is a powerful combination yielding the highest absorbability and health benefits possible. One packet contains all of the essential vitamins and minerals plus a multitude of powerful supplements that are an integral part of optimum health. Pür Pak offers health benefits based on the reality of contemporary lifestyles including lack of sleep, high stress, inadequate exercise,” weekend warrior” mentality workouts, poor choices in nutrition, diminished vitamin/mineral contents due to lack of conservation and increased soil contamination. In our ever-changing, fast-paced, high stress environment a comprehensive approach to extra nutritional support has become a vital component to optimum health. 
My first impression after opening a packet was that it didn’t smell great. It smells … green … so I was hesitant right off the bat. I went with the “Simply Green” flavor to start; simply because it was the one I thought I’d like the least. It mixed pretty well with minimal clumping and I was surprised to find a slight carbonation present. The taste was not that bad, much better than the smell out of the packet and was easily consumed. Of the three my favorite was the citrus, and in reading other reviews this seems to be the consensus. 
My overall review of the product is good. It sat well after I drank it, with no GI issues. I used it before a 50 mile bike ride and it actually seemed that I felt it immediately. Whether this was in my head or not who knows, but even if it was and it was positive does it matter? It did not affect my weight loss in the least (which is why the sugar made me leery) and produced no need for further sugar during the ride. The fact that you mix it with water makes it an easy grab and go option in the morning. I only used it in the AM, preferring to see how it worked as a replacement for a multi-vitamin. It fits that bill well. 
Those of my readers that are full NSNG may not want to test it out because of the sugar additions, but I’d say if you’re willing to test it then it is worth a shot. If you go to their website you can pick up a sample pack of each flavor for free (FREE is ALWAYS good) and see how you like it. If you’re local and want to test it let me know since I do have a few left.

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