Is The Creeper Still Alive??

This is another post from back in the day. I thought it was interesting to see that some of these issues are now being held at bay, but the Creeper is still there. He’s waiting in the darkness, ready to pounce at the slightest sign of weakness or doubt. He goes by many names, but if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, The Creeper has morphed into another guy named Rick. Rick … is a Dick …
My lack of motivation has a name.

From now on he is known as “The Creeper”. Note: He is now known as Rick. I discovered his true name during a seance with Madam Pelphry in Casadega. He’s a mean SOB … with large gnarly teeth and long un-manicured toenails. He reeks of stale beer and McDonald’s hamburgers, and carries packets of sugar and maple syrup to tempt you. 
I am not sure why he is a male, but it seems to fit. I was listening, as I am want to do at times, to old southern rock and this song came on by Molly Hatchet …

He’s tall, he’s short, he’s fat, he’s thin.
He’s out for vengeance. He’s out to win.
The road he walks is dark and dim.
Don’t let him catch you out on a limb.
He’ll cut your throat, baby,
He’ll stick you in the back.
Drive off in your Cadillac.
He’s more trouble than you think.
He’ll kill you sugar, leave you in the drink.
Say, it’s going to be a cold dark night
Oh, when the creeper comes along.

I have felt him creeping up on me lately. It started out slow; a missed run, a skipped bike spin. Then he started showing up at meals, uninvited, putting things on my plate like mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and … yes … cheesecake. Note: Funny how even back here I knew these high sugar/carb food were bad. This is a good two years before Tortorich showed on my radar. Instinct is a wonderful thing I guess.

He made me eat them, saying to me things like “it’s OK … you have a run tonight”, (Note: We know now that YOU CAN’T OUTRUN A BAD DIET) but then when it was time for the run He was there again … “but … Big Bang Theory is on tonight …. and you didn’t set the DVR. You CAN’T miss BBT!!!!”

I never really knew he was there, until I stepped on the scale and saw the 5 pound weight gain … 


The excuses mounted …. 

“I hate working out alone” (Still do but have gotten better at it)

“The gym is always too crowded” (Changed gyms and really only go to swim now anyway. Weights are during lunch at another gym so no crowd there either)

“I don’t want to risk injuring my foot so I can do the LONG run this weekend” (Still some truth to this. I still say this to myself)

” The trainer is SOOOO boring” (Yes … it IS)

“It’s too dark by the time I get home” (Not an issue during the summer. This year it’s been the damn rain. Seriously has rained every day at 4:00 for over a month now.)

“I have 5 months before the next big race!” (Ah, the denial of youth, eh?)

On … and on … and on …. 

The Creeper (Rick) needs to die …. 

Now … 

Anyone know how to help?

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