Crystal River 2 Race Report (Post #300!)

It seems fitting that my 300th post milestone would be a race report doesn’t it??

Once again I found myself eying the water at Crystal River. My training has been going well, and even though my foot issue has derailed my running it was starting to feel better so I thought I could have a pretty decent race. I was looking forward to this one.

One of the great things this year has been my ability to swim without fear to this point. This is my 4th race so far and I have had zero issues in the water as far as the panicking I have had in the past. I think (fingers crossed) that I have made the mental leap that KC had been telling me I would for three years now.

I felt good and strong throughout the swim, even starting with some dolphin diving at the beginning (or what I am calling dolphin diving). The result was about 23 seconds slower than CR1, which I am not sure why, but I was happy when I exited the water.

I felt a twinge in my foot as I exited and tried to jog to T1. I immediately stopped and walked fast instead. This is the barefoot “zero drop” issue. My Achilles just cannot handle it for some reason.

I got to my bike and was in and out in under 3:00. Would like to get this under 2:00 in the next race so will look over some practices I can work on.

There was a slight headwind on the out route but kept it over 16 mph the entire way. Jennifer caught me after the turnaround and we had a slight tailwind for the return trip. I always like riding with her and always seem to do better if I am with someone other than by myself. It felt like a fast ride and I did not feel winded at all when I got into T2. Under 3:00 again (once more I need to get through T’s faster) and I was out on the run.

Using the Hoka OneOne shoes for the first time in a race I was not sure what to expect, but they felt great immediately. I started running right away but the heel hurt almost right from the start. I decided to go slow through the runs and go to a 1×1 split to try to get through it without further damage. And it did work. Yes, I was my normal slow self and fell from 125th after the swim to 171st by race end, but I was able to run faster as the race went on by playing it a bit safe in the beginning and was actually running at 12:00 pace by the end, which is almost 2:00 faster than my recent normal runs. The shoes worked great. No pain whatsoever other than my heel. I am sold on these.

I ended up 9th (I won’t tell you out of how many but suffice to say my record is still intact) in Clydesdale, but the great thing was Jennifer was 3rd place in Athena (a new high for her), Cindy, in her first ever race, was third in the Novice group, and the Team Jennifer set up for the Relay representing the Florida Cancer Specialists were first in the Relay Group.

Overall, once again Crystal River turns out to be a fun race that we always have a good time doing. If you are in the Florida area and just want to race for fun I would recommend testing it out. They have a couple more this season (Nature Coast Twilight on July 27th and Crystal River 3 on August 31st) and you can sign up at

Let us know if you’re coming. I’ll be the Fat Slow Triathlete bringing up the rear!

2 thoughts on “Crystal River 2 Race Report (Post #300!)

  • July 9, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Great job! One of these days I may have to give a triathalon a try.

  • July 9, 2013 at 12:04 am

    Great job! One of these days I may have to give a triathalon a try.

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