Setting my Sights on Augusta (and a Short Rant about TNT)

As of today we have 19 weeks until Augusta. Official training for the race starts next week, at 18, but training has not ceased at all since December. I know that KC will ramp up the distances, and times, and the number of duals and bricks, between May 27 and September 26, but it’s good to get this underway with a decent amount of base training completed. We have started riding the hills in San Antonio, Florida every other weekend, so this will help. I know now that I should have spent way more time doing this last year before the race.
We are doing this race as part of Team in Training once again, but here’s the thing … the training they provide isn’t that great when it comes to race specific training. Case in point was the recent email sent from the leaders of the team. This race is hill dependent. They need to be in the hills as much as possible, and by hills I mean the closest thing we can provide in Florida. In this area it’s either San Antonio or Clermont. Riding the “hills” on the Suncoast Trail will not prepare the team for this race. I know I am not a “coach” nor anywhere near an “expert”, but I have done the race and I know what is waiting for us. Since Jennifer is in Ocala we rarely train with the team anyway, so it is not going to affect us that much, because we are doing our own training, but those on the team that are new or almost new need to know what is coming and be prepared so that they don’t have the issue I had last season. When the email came out I immediately responded that Jennifer and I were going to ride the hills with a couple of teams (Wesley Chapel and A-Train) and that they were more than welcome to join us. None did. I guess that is all I can do at this point.
The other thing in the email that made me cringe was the “tips” given, specifically #2.
A 2% Chocolate Milk or Special K Protein Drink makes a good protein replenish within 30 min of your hour plus efforts. Choose some form of getting 25 grams of protein after hard workouts. Your body immediately uses it for muscle repair which speeds recovery and pays forward makes your next workout more productive.
See what I have to deal with?? (Vinnie … PLEASE  help me!!)
It’s misinformation like this that allows for people to refer to us as “Team in Trouble”. If you are reading this and part of TNT … PLEASE do NOT buy into this rubbish. These items, especially the 2% chocolate milk, are laden with sugar and it will UNDO the training you have completed. SUGAR is NOT your friend and will NOT help you recover! Forget the pictures of Hines Ward and Mirinda Carfae chugging this stuff. I can almost guarantee you they do not drink it either. As a rule, stay away from anything labeled as non-fat or low-fat. In fact, just go by this rule as much as possible: if you have to read a label to determine what is in the item you are about to eat, then it’s probably wiser to not eat it at all.
Makes me want to pull my hair out! It’s like the smoker who has all the research in front of them that it’s bad for you and will kill you, but decides, you know, I am somehow different and will not have this happen to me.
This goes back to my last post a bit. I have to learn to give people the information and then let it go. It’s hard for me to see people doing something that hurts them and not open my mouth. I will not embarrass them in front of people, so if we were standing in a group and this was given out as information I am not the one to call them out in front of others. I will, however, respond to an email, or to a Facebook message, rather quickly. The problem with THAT is I am usually standing alone. Even when others agree with me they say nothing, so I come out as a “lone wolf” type, screaming into the wind.
I am not changing though, so I guess they will have to learn to deal with me or (horrors of all horrors) unfriend me. Not sure how I would go on if that happened.

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