Product Review: Road ID High Visibility Items

One of the fears we all share as athletes, both elite level and beginners, is training on roads or areas shared by other vehicles. Most of these people we “share” the road with have little respect for us tooling along at 15mph, especially when the road is such that they cannot get around us, because, as you know, what they have to do or get to greatly outweighs us.
Most of us abide by the rules of the road. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit, we cyclists have our share of idiots. There are those of us that buzz by us without calling “on your left”, wheel suckers who get behind you and don’t alert you to their presence, and cyclists who play music while riding so they have no idea about what is around them, groups that ride two or three abreast and take up the entire lane. As a triathlete, seeing these types while driving annoys me, so I can imagine how it reacts on those who don’t understand what compels us to be out there in the first place.
But the majority of us follow the rules. This of course doesn’t matter much to some drivers. They will ride your tail for blocks, and then when they do pass you they get as close as they can to you while doing it (for some reason the majority of these are driving trucks with gun racks in the window, but that’s another subject). So how do we follow the rules and still try to account for these buffoons?
For those of us doing this a few years we are all aware of the company called Road ID. We all wear the bracelets, the dog tags … we see them at every race. In fact, I would venture to say that over 90% of triathletes have one on them at every race. It’s almost part of the uniform now. If you do not wear one, I would highly suggest going to their site and getting one. It can be a lifesaver.
But Road ID is much more than a provider of identification bracelets. One of their side products are High Visibility items. They provided me with a couple of item to test out and report on, and I have been using them for about a month now. The first is called the Super Nova, essentially a safety light. The beam can be adjusted from steady to blinking, and I found that I could spot it a good half mile away easily, meaning its visibility is much further. I have used it on my bike, as a rear flasher, when traversing the dangerous hills of San Antonio, Florida. What is even nicer though is that you can also strap it on your ankle or wrist while running giving you much more visibility on the road.
The other item provided were reflector wrist bands. Much like others of its type, it is made to wear on the road to give the runner, or cyclist, a higher profile for cars as they approach you. I have used a few other brands of these and they always became uncomfortable to wear after more than 4 miles. These, however, I forgot I even had on, which moves them to the top of the list. As a bonus, they are CHEAP … running at $9.99 for a pair.
Road ID is a company that has invested itself into the active community, and the high level of their products, and the professionalism of their support, deserves a “look see” if nothing else. Check out these products, and while you’re there check out their other products, including their race gear (my first tri top was a Road ID top and I still have it over 2 years later!). You will not be disappointed!

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