Pumping The Brakes: Working Toward Ironman Augusta

Day 1
The reason it is important to find a good coach or mentor while working through your progress in Triathlon’s was evident Sunday during our meeting with our coach Kristie Concepcion (“KC” for all of the loyal readers out there).  When you hire a coach, or find someone to help you navigate the maze of information out there as a newbie, what you want, or better stated, what I wanted, was someone who could give me a guideline to follow, help hold me accountable, but most importantly, someone who would listen to me and not force me into things I was not ready for mentally or physically. KC has met this need numerous times. She has pushed me when I needed pushing, never gotten “angry” (as she says, she never gets angry, only disappointed, which is much worse), allows me to make the mistakes on my own as a lesson, and then carefully points out where I made the mistake and how to fix it. She has been our biggest cheerleader at times, and when we need to be pushed she understands how I need it to be done. At times she seems to be in my head. She will bring up an issue at our meetings and it is usually something that had been rolling around in my bean for a few weeks. This Sunday was no different.
Our initial goal when starting two years ago was that during my 50th year I would compete in an Ironman 140.6. 2013 is my 50th year and I know I am nowhere near ready to attempt this task. A point of pride to me is that I have never DNF’ed a race. I have not started one due to illness, but even when confronted with a breaking bike, downpours, panicked swim starts, and 70.3 times in the 9 hour range, I have crossed the finish line in every one where I toed the start line. In trying to meet this lofty goal I have skipped steps. I have jumped from barely able to swim, to sprints, to Half Ironman races in the course of a year and a half, without taking the time to “master” the shorter distances.
For example, and this is a bit embarrassing, I have never RUN a full 5k. By that I mean I have not been able to run the entire distance. I have completed many. I have completed half and full marathons, but until I can complete one running the whole distance, do I really need to be signing up for full Ironman distances?
Probably not …
So it’s time to pump the brakes.
I have 4 ½ months until my ‘A’ Race, Esi Ironman 70.3. This is now my marching orders for the summer. I am going to go back to square 1 and start running 5k’s during the week. My swim and bike are under control now, so I can get through some basic workouts during the week and do longer sessions on the weekend, so my focus for the next few months will be the run.
Run Run Run
So I am sure I will  writing a lot about my frustrations, my injuries, my aches and pains, but hopefully by the end I will be able to say that my run is no longer a weak spot.
Until then …
Swim Calm … Bike Strong … Run Steady

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  • May 7, 2013 at 11:42 pm

    I've always avoided running. I hate it. I'm just realizing that a little running might not be so bad for me and that I won't die when I do it. I'll be joining you on doing a few 5Ks.

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