The Not Quite as Fat and a Little Bit Faster Triathlete

I was asked last night by a teammate whether I would need to change the name of this blog since I was losing so much weight. I jokingly responded that I could change it to the “Not Quite as Fat and a Little Bit Faster Triathlete” but that name doesn’t quite roll of the tongue. In addition, I have started “branding” myself a bit as the Fat Slow Triathlete so changing at this point wouldn’t be a good idea.
On a side note, now Mary understands anything said to me is a potential Blog Post. J
I had written a few posts ago on the Treatise of The Fat Slow Triathlete. It basically centered around how anyone can be a fat slow triathlete, that it is not based on weight or speed. It is a metaphor for those of us challenged in some way. That can be many reasons other than weight. It can be as small as lack of time available for training. The point is that a “Fat Slow Triathlete” is someone that has barriers, but pushes through them, and confronts their issues, their fears, and emerges on the other side. In that vein, we are ALL Fat Slow Triathletes.
So, bottom line, the name of the blog stays the same J
I wish I could report that things are going better on the weight loss side, but the fact is that I seem to be stuck on a roller coaster again, hopping between 239 and 243 for about a month now. The initial loss after switching to the NSNG lifestyle was amazing, but I should have known that at some point it would level out. There is something about the 10 pound markers that seems to get me stuck. I always seem to plateau at them, and hover there for awhile. As soon as I hit 239, inevitably the next days are right back over 240 again. It’s a bit maddening. The good part is that I FEEL great. Lots of energy. No issues with “bonking” on long workouts. Actually I have moved to barely any on course fueling other than water and electrolytes (in the manner ofSalk Sticks) and it has been working great. Much thanks once more to Vinnie Tortorich and Anna Vocino for their continually useful and informative podcasts on these subjects.
On the racing front, only 4 more days until St. Anthony’s 2013. I have entered this week feeling pretty confident about my race preparation, which is odd in itself. This is a distance I know that I can do (.9 swim / 25 bike / 6.2 run). My only thought is the run with the foot injury I have been dealing with, but worse case I can walk/run the thing and get through it. The swim has not been on my mind like it has been most years, which can be either good or bad. This race has become my White Whale in a way, a barometer for the coming season. Even with a 70.3 under my belt this season already, St. Anthony’s is the official start of the race season for everyone, including me. After the let down and disappointing 2nd year in 2012, I am looking to much improvement this season. I am working hard to make that happen.
Hopefully you all will keep reading this, not because I like the attention, but more so that you will keep me on track and hold me to task.

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  • April 25, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    good luck at St A

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