My Head Hurts!!

This is going to be something new. As I am sitting to write this, during a beak at work, I am realizing that I have no “goal” in mind. Usually I do these as a data dump, which is my preferred method of writing, but I at least start with a germ of an idea in my head about where I want to go with the entry. This time, not so much. All I know is that I have not written anything in a week so before Megan starts hammering me on Facebook (I know you’re reading this) I thought I better try to piece something together. Hopefully it will be worth reading.
To be honest I have not been feeling very well since Friday. I developed a migraine at work (always fun) and ended up going home early. There was no one there so I lied down on my bed and the next thing I knew it was 5:00. Just so you know I NEVER take naps. They always make me feel worse than I did when I started, so I will try to keep myself busy if I feel like I am dozing during the day. This time was different. I woke up and was relaxed, if not energetic, but must have been something I needed. While I am on this subject, is it odd that the first thing I thought of Friday when I was deciding to leave work was that it was a rest day as far as my training plan was concerned so I should take the opportunity to get some real rest? I know that if I had a swim or bike or run on the schedule I would have went anyway, headache and all.
Sick. Sick. Man.
The training this weekend was kind of odd. The planned 22 bike ended up only being 12 on Saturday because we were trying a new route and it wasn’t what we thought it would be. We ended up running low on time so bagged it at 12 and figured we’d make it up on Sunday. We had committed to a charity auction on Saturday Night, which resulted in Jenny ending up with a new puppy (Jake the Dachshund) which I really wanted for myself, but I did get to hold the little guy most of the night. Check out her Facebook page for pictures. She also ended up with a very cool single gear bike (thanks to her business partner), and I ended up with Rays tickets for Mother’s Day (thanks again to Jenny). VIP Level, right behind the dugout.
I didn’t get home until 1 AM so Sunday was not fun. I did get my 90 minutes ride in but missed my swim. Something has not been feeling right with me since Saturday. My first instinct is that it’s due to what I ate. For the first time since January I allowed myself bread and a piece of cheesecake. To compound that I ran out of Natural Peanut Butter and needed a snack last night so ate Jiff. I have been feeling like shit all day long today. You NSNG’ers reading this right now … is it possible for it to react negatively on my system so quickly?? It’s the only thing I can link it to, unless I am just run down.
Only two weeks to go until St. Anthony’s. I see this as my nemesis race. The first attempt I ended up with food poisoning and had to drop before I even began. Last year I did OK. I really want to smoke this course this time, but now have the strained Achilles to deal with. I have been on rehab for a week and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. Just seems like it’s always something when it comes to racing. I can have great training sessions, then on race day something always goes awry. The Frenchman trying to drown me in Ironman Florida 70.3 in 2012. My bike (Gunner) trying to throw my wheel off every ten miles in Ironman August 70.3 in 2012. Food poisoning. Tropical Storm Debbie. Head winds out of nowhere. On and on. I know its part of being an Ironman that you learn to deal with these setbacks, but just once I’d like to hit a race on the upswing. No bad weather. Warm, buoyant water. 75 degrees. Nice smooth bike with no wind, or maybe a tailwind.
I know there are no perfect races. So I will focus on the positives.
  • The bike distances are no longer a problem for me, especially a 25 mile Olympic race. I do 25 miles for breakfast, and can do them pretty fast. Even hitting a head wind I can still maintain 15-16, most days.
  • It’s scary that the swim no longer fills me with dread like it used to. I still will get the pre-race jitters I am sure, but I do these distances in training all the time. I know I can do it. The HITS race went a long way in flipping the switch I think. That was a cold water race, and one I was very nervous about, but I did really well in that portion. This race is back in the ocean, so it has natural buoyancy to it. Even checking the temperature yesterday and seeing 76 degrees, and knowing that means it’s probably going to be a non-wetsuit race, has not even made me nervous. Last season I would have been a wreck. Now, if this was a fresh water race without the suit, I’d be nervous again, but it is still a big step forward.
  • The run is worrying me because of my foot and the fact that I have not actually run in 3 weeks. I will be hitting that race with 5 weeks of no-running leading up to it. But, like I said to my doctor, “it’s only 6.2 miles”. I walked the entire 13.1 at HITS. If I have to walk, I’ll walk.
So there is my rambling post for the week. I apologize if I lost some of you along the way, but this job is mind numbingly boring and I needed a mental break. I promise to be back on track the next time.

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  • April 15, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    I was waiting . . . lol. You will do GREAT! I will be there, cheering you along. Just have fun with it and take what the day gives you 🙂

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