The Clothes Make the Man

I really think the clothing manufacturers involved in cycling and triathlon’s have it in for bigger guys like me. Maybe they need a refresher course in sizing science (is there such a thing?). After being on the No Sugar No Grain eating lifestyle for almost three weeks (and devouring podcasts from Vinnie Tortorich) I have been feeling really good. I have dropped a little over 20 pounds in that time period, which has been a sticking point for almost a year, and my clothes, which is really how to best tell the weight loss, have been fitting better. So, being who I am, I thought I would try on some tri tops that I have had that were a little tight and I was not comfortable wearing in races yet. I threw one on last night, and though still tight, it did feel better than when I first tried it, so I wore it for awhile, and sure it enough … IT happened.
The Tri Top (a 3XL size mind you) magically turned into a belly shirt.
No body should have to see that.
Is it really that difficult to make and sell clothes that fit my size athlete? I am working on losing the weight, but I am not the only big guy racing out there. Why does it have to be so hard to find clothes that fit? And why, explain to me, is a 3XL Perl Izumi top smaller than a 3XL Zoot top? Isn’t a 3XL a 3XL no matter what? I don’t get it.
And on the subject of tri outfits, I think it should be illegal to make white ones. I have not noticed the issue on women (so correct me if the issue is also with you all) but a white tri short shows … outlines …. of things needing to be hidden. Now, I am not a shy person in any regard, but out of respect for others racing with me, I am sure they are not interested in knowing my religion.
I have been working HARD on training and especially my weight issue, for over 2 years now. I have lost a total of 66 pounds, which should be more but I think I have the right formula now. This new eating lifestyle seems to be working, but all the information coming in, the epiphany’s it has caused, has turned me into a bit of a zealot. I am trying to control myself a bit more in the future (not totally of course because I am who I am, and honestly, what kind of writer would I be if I let feelings censor what I want to write about), but there are still things that will bug me when I see them. You all are probably aware of my issue with Weight Watchers. Let me be clear, weight watchers in of itself is not necessarily “bad”. The idea is the right idea, i.e. moderation and portion control. The problem with WW is that the followers don’t play by the rules. If something is sugar laden and processed, but “only two points”, then it’s deemed ok to eat. Maybe. For some people. But I have HEARD women at work state that “I have ten points available for the rest of the day so I can eat 5 tablespoons of it!”.
I am sure that WW is not condoning that practice at all, but it is what people have turned it into. Plus, in addition, the money they charge people for something they can do on their own is mind boggling to me, along with the fact that their food is in BOXES. People, seriously, if the food is in a box, don’t eat it!! Go to Sweet Bay’s, Whole Foods, local Farmer’s Markets, and buy the food fresh. You WILL notice a difference.

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