Mr. Mojo Rising

Nothing takes it out of you like a good case of the flu. I was feeling good leading up to the Disney Half Marathon. I was in a good place with my training, I was starting to see positive results again after a year of not seeing them, and I had finished the run under my target AND more importantly feeling good and not like a truck had hit me.
Little did I know the truck was still there, but was just waiting until Monday.
I got waylaid by the flu on Monday night and was on my back until Friday. I tried to run on Saturday and ride on Sunday but there was no way I could finish. My legs felt like lead and my lungs were gasping for air. So a full week of training down the drain. Monday was another holiday, so I did take it easy, thinking that one more day of rest will do the trick, then back to work on Tuesday, get back in the groove of things, and hit the training hard.
Oh you silly little man …
I felt better Tuesday morning, so went off to work, and by the end of the workday was coughing hard again, and ended up not being able to sleep last night until 4 AM this morning. And here I am back at work, coughing, dizzy, light headed. This sickness really sucks. I am resorting to medication now, which so far I had avoided. I have to get rid of this thing.
The first Triathlon of the 2013 season is coming up fast. March 23 seems so far away but i know now from experience that this will be on me before I know it. My swimming and biking have been taking a backseat since September due to the marathon training, so I am no where near ready for a 70.3 mile race, but I have to find that mojo inside me quickly. I have to have a better year than last year. I am feeling good about my weight at the moment. Thanks to an AH HA moment prompted by Coach KC I started listening to some podcasts that revolve around a lifestyle of cutting sugars and grains from the diet. I started this plan 13 days ago and have since lost 16.4 pounds. I am not at the weight I need to be at by a long shot, but if my rate keeps up I think I can finally get to 220, which has been my goal for 3 years now.
I know most of my mojo is gone due to factors that are both under, and out of, my control. My training partner has moved to Ocala, so joint training has been reduced to weekends. I am trying to find training partners locally but with it getting dark so early there isn’t much opportunity by the time I get off work. If you have read this blog for any length of time you know that I suck alone while training. It’s very boring tom me. I like being outside, around people. I have the monotonous droning of the trainer or the treadmill. The only thing I don’t mind going solo with is swimming, because I tend to knock it out much quicker when I can’t yammer with a swim lane partner.
I know I will regain the mojo soon, that this illness just lowered me down and makes me feel like I am back at square one again. Once I get a few good hard rides under my belt I will feel better. I am a Fat Slow Triathlete after all ….
…and I WILL be reckoned with

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  • January 23, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    John don't give up

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