Race Report: Disney Half Marathon Plus

In case you haven’t been following, this race report initially would have been for the Goofy Challenge, but after careful consideration of my preparation after the last Ironman I decided that I was not ready, and Jennifer agreed, so we pulled out of the marathon portion. So this race report will be for the half marathon only. Plus some extra stuff thrown in for good measure.

Shut up … you know you want it …

Of course we got off to a late start on Friday which always makes me antsy. I am a creature of few irks, but the ones I have are doozies. One is being rushed. I hate it. I like to get to a race venue in enough time to deal with packet pickup and not feel like I have to hit the rack as soon as I get to the room. We had this planned out, but things worked against us and we didn’t even leave for Orlando until 4:00, so of course by the time we got everything we needed, and got to the room, we hit the rack, alarms set for 2:30 AM.

Let me say a few things about Disney races right off the bat. I started as a fan of them. They have lots of manned stations, they are are well organized, but of you are staying in a mid level resort, which we were, you cannot find one damn place to eat unless you made reservations days in advance. And the place we stayed at did not even have room service available, which has always been the fall back. Explain how a resort has NO room service?? Seriously.

The alarm went off early and we got up dressed and made our way to the bus pickup. Another plus here for Disney. Being able to ride a bus in and back was a huge convenience. But here is where it goes downhill again. After 20 freaking years you would think they’d know to be ready for the crowds. There were so many of us the race started before we even got to the assigned corral. Luckily I was in H, the last one, so it didn’t affect me, but imagine if someone was in A-B or C? Screwed right fro the start.

Almost 30,000 runners. Or I should say 5,000 runners, 20,000 run walkers, and 5,000 walkers. I am a run walker myself, so I cannot say much, but if it gets to the point that the sheer number of walkers is hindering MY slow ass, then that’s too many people. During the Wine and Dine there are fewer people, you run through three parks, and the roads are more open and wide. In this race we spent a lot of time being funneled through areas too tight for the number of people coming though. And only ran though one park? WTF Disney??

My goal was under 3:30:00, which I made even with all the walking areas. I have no doubt that the crowd cost me at least 10:00 in time, but I was not out to PR in this race, so I was fine with it. Since we skipped the marathon we spent the day at Universal and had a great, relaxing day, which was worth it, so all in all a great weekend.

Until Monday …

I started feeling a tickle in my throat on Monday morning about 10:00 or so … I am very in tuned to my body, so I knew it wasn’t going to be good. Sure enough, by the time I got home Monday night it was a full blown flu. fever, chills, coughing, headache. Nasty. I rarely get sick like this, and I hate it. The “good” thing was I had taken vacation days from work through Wednesday and hoped it would pass by then. How sick is THAT??? I’d rather spend my vacation days sicks then take sick days?? I still ended up having to take one extra day, but going to try to go in tomorrow. I seriously need another job.

As a teaser ….

If you’ve been reading you know I have a weight issue, and recently my weight has been going back up so my coach suggested I give a listen to a podcast by Vinnie Tortorich who advocates what he calls an NSNG eat lifestyle (No Sugar No Grain). Of course when this was presented I think immediately Atkins, but after listening I realized it was much different. So I started it to give it a try, last Thursday. I have lost 8.8 pounds since then, and I even had half a Butter Beer (cuz I just HAD to taste one). It works. There is another whole blog coming on this subject, but I suggest you checking out his podcast, as well as one by Garden Variety Triathlete, and his website. You might have the Ah Ha moment I did.

Next Races:

Best Damn Race Half Marathon in 3 weeks, Gasparilla Half Marathon in 5 weeks, and then done with running only for the year with the first triathlon of the season in March, the HITS in Ocala.

It’s going to be a great season!

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  • January 20, 2013 at 4:04 am

    John – I have been doing the NSNG since November and have lost 20 lbs. I only had 30 to lose. I started almost 4 years ago and lost 100 lbs thru calories in/out. I am a runner and even with all my training I couldn't get the last 30 off. NSNG works – I run better, never bonk, have more energy and generally am a much easier-to-live-with person. This is the way people are meant to eat! Download all of Vinnie's podcasts – they're a wealth of information. There is also a facebook site – search and join. You'll be glad you did.

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