The Year in Review … and Moving Forward

It doesn’t seem like it has been a whole year already. So many goals at the beginning of the year, and so many met, but also an equal number not met. But instead of getting down about the latter, I will focus on what was great about the year and then on how to move into the New Year with a rekindled fire and desire to achieve.

I was looking at Daily Mile, which is great because it compiles the year and I don’t have to try to figure it out. In 2012 I accomplished the following:

  • Total miles of 3,138 (2459 cycling, 556 running, and 67 swimming). 
  • Total calories of 336,584. 
  • Total activities logged of 326. 
  • Total elevation of 13,695 feet. 
  • Total minutes of 19,343 (322 hours). 
  • Two half ironman races completed and one marathon … not including numerous half marathons and sprint triathlons. 

The odd thing is I consider this year an OFF year, but in looking at that it really wasn’t that bad. I did not meet many goals, mostly around the running effort, but in swimming and biking I have improved. Not to where I want to be, or should be, but I have improved. The running actually got worse this year, but after reviewing times, races, distances, I think I have discovered the issue. Quantity took over for Quality.

What the hell does THAT mean JC?

I’ll tell you.

As most people who start things and get excited about them, I go in full bore. I enter every race I see or get asked to join. I buy every piece of gear I can get my hands on, to the point that I am over/under on my gear to ability ratio. This is why I love our Coach, KC. She will let us make the decisions, for awhile, and let us fail, for awhile, and then when we do start getting inpatient and she sends an email that is both nice and straight shooting. The email was a result of me being worried about the perception that may be caused if I pulled out of the Marathon portion of the Goofy Weekend (but still running the half). The response initially from her and Meagan, and then from the Facebook community as a whole, was amazing. Not one person was negative. They all, in fact, stated in one way or the other, that it was a smart move and showed growth in my ability to be able to recognize what I was ready for and not push too far. KC went on, though, in her email to point out to me, and to Jennifer, that it’s NOT about the medals, and NOT about how many races you can do in a month. She also stated that doing these “challenges”, like the Goofy and Gasparilla, does more harm than good. That we have to remember that we are TRIATHLETES. We are NOT runners, and training like runners has put us into a hole when it comes to the overall goals we have for ourselves.

After thinking about this overnight (I tend to over think many things) I am starting to realize that changing focus like I have done has been what has hurt my run efforts this year.

So going forward, from this point on, I am a TRIATHLETE again.

I bike as I need to bike to finish the triathlons.

I run as I need to run to finish the triathlons.

I swim as I need to swim to finish the triathlons.

These are my goals. I have no idea what my schedules will be going forward, but I want to have some placeholders that I will expect from myself each week, and each month, for the whole year. They are:

  • No stopping during any bike ride under 50 miles 
  • At least 20 miles total running each week, with one being a longer run on weekend 
  • At least one century ride per month 
  • Swim at least two times each week, and each no less than 1600m (one mile) 
  • Increase/Reduce run/walk split to 5/1 
  • Run after EVERY bike ride, even if just one mile 
I don’t see a reason why these cannot be achieved.

Because, even though I am a 50 year old, fat, slow triathlete …

I am ahead of YOU …

… and I WILL be reckoned with

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  • December 31, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Fantastic! Please let me know when you are doing the Century rides . . . I would love to tag along. I am so thrilled for your upcoming year; self-realilzation and accepting that we are focused on the “wrong” things and need to change the way we view our world is the first step towards achieving our goals. Cheers to 2013!

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