Beautiful Freak

“Beautiful Freak” is a song and
album by The Eels. If you have
never heard them, check them out.
I know we are seen as odd…
Doesn’t it say something about the world, and this country in particular, that those of us trying to make a change for the better are seen as “odd”, or “weird”, or my favorite term “obsessed” while people so large they need walkers and wheelchairs when going to the grocery store are seen as “normal”.
What have we really become in this place?
I received as a gift an Omega juicer and the first thing out of “some” mouth were not “great … that will really help you get your eating under control”, but rather “great … now you’re going to become one of THOSE people”.
I know we are supposed to let that roll of our backs and move on, but it can be discouraging, especially when it comes from those you expect to help you and support you.
I know NOTHING about juicing by the way. I spent the weekend watching a couple of documentaries on Netflix that said in their descriptions it touched on those topics. The first one was called “Hungry for a Change”. Love it. Actually had my son watching it with me and he never watches things like this. It centered as a theme on the items companies add to foods to make them “addictive”, like MSG, and how most of these processed foods, although they have stated nutrient content, are not providing what they claim. During this doc they interviewed a lot of people, one of which had made another film called “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”. So of course I had to watch that one too. He went on a strict juice-only diet for 3 months while driving across the country (he’s Australian). Another very interesting movie. “Hungry for a Change” made some medical claims that, of course, Jenny immediately “poo poo’d”, but I am no doctor, and regardless of the claim being made (centering on the damage the ingredients in diet soda causes), the end result makes sense. I found it very interesting.
Another gift I got was a Fitbit ONE and Fitbit Scale. I have to say right now that I LOVE these things. You carry the Fitbit One around with you during the day and it tracks your steps, floors, calories, etc. It’s the size of a small USB thumb drive so you don’t even notice it. I know there are other things that do this as well, but the COOL thing about this is that it automatically uploads your data to the network, so you can monitor your status during the day on their website. Very nice. The even better feature is that you but it on your wrist at night when you go to bed and it tracks your sleep patterns. Mine for the last three nights is shown in the picture. I find this kind of data fascinating (see … odd right??). Apparently something is happening about three hours after I fall asleep that disrupts my sleep for an hour every night. Te scale is even better because it connects to your WiFi system and uploads your weight directly to the site. No cheating! And no trying to remember what the weight was after you forget to log it right away. Talk about being held accountable right??
So to try to combat these people who look down on me for trying to improve, I continually try to seek out and surround myself with people of the opposite type. 
People like Summer Bailey who weighs no more than a minute but still tries to help those of us weight challenged, without judgment, and finished Half Ironman races on a broken toe.
People like Jennifer Cultrera who’s family was over the top negative when she started this and fought them every step of the way, even when it affected her job because they refused (or couldn’t) to see the positive changes it was making in her.
People like KC, who we met through Daily Mile, and who I consider an elite level racer, but still took the time to explain things and help us out, and finally agreeing to coach us even though we are so below her ability I am sure it drives her insane at time.
People like Megan Supernovich, a cancer survivor, a basketball player and coach, and runner, who took on the challenge of triathlon and has gone from a 10 mph cyclist to a 18 mph cyclist so fast it has inspired me to keep pushing. But besides that, she has been the one in my corner, banishing my negative feelings when they arise, and reminding me of how far I have come. She is also the coiner of the Fat Slow Triathlete tagline at the end of my posts.
The list is endless, and far too many to include …
… so as the songs goes … 
“You’re such a Beautiful Freak. I wish there were more just like you. You are not like all of the others. And that is why, I love you”.

Keep rocking Fat Slow Triathletes … 

… We Will Be Reckoned With

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  • December 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm

    FANTASTIC! Now I need a juicer! You failed to mention that it is from you and Jenny that I am able to love triathlon 🙂 I am so excited for your new year. 2013 is going to be challenging and rewarding so far beyond our imaginations that at this time next year, we may very well be speechless at our own accomplishments. Looking forward to training with you and following your journey!!!!

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