Passion Discovered

Recently I was asked by my friend and coach what I was passionate about, and I was unable to answer it. It probably caused my more internal issues than she intended it to (or maybe exactly what she intended to) but after a week I think I have figured it out.
I had posted a thought about a week ago on Facebook that resulted in some “discussion” from a few coattail friends. It was about how irritating it is for me to see fat kids. Now, when I say “fat kids” I am not talking about teenagers. What I mean is seeing a 5 year old girl or boy so fat that can barely breathe. It makes me want to smack the parents. I truly believe this is child abuse. But then you get a look at the parents and they are just as fat as the kids are, so you can see what is going on. Now, the discussion on FB went into areas I will not delve into here, mostly around the use of Food Stamps and the fact that healthy food is more expensive that unhealthy food, which may be an underlying causation of this obesity epidemic we are seeing in this country. That gets a bit political, and has no place on this blog (or on FB for that matter).
Before you say “maybe it’s a glandular problem, is
it helping that he’s stuffing his face at McDonald’s?
What it did for me is get me thinking about what “passion” is. I think this is what my passion is. Looking at obese children, and even obese adults, gets me so mentally involved and emotionally compromised that it can be defined as a passion.
Another thing I saw today was while I was getting coffee this morning at County Center. I am standing in line behind a woman that is so large (I would guess 300+ pounds) that she needed a cane to walk, yet she was ordering a large drink (64 ounces). OK, maybe she is getting Diet Soda. Still not the best choice but better than other choices right. So she gets her cup and shuffles over to the fountain center. I get my coffee and head over to fill my cup and watch as she fills that cup to the top with Mountain Dew. Not Diet Mountain Dew, but fully leaded Mountain Dew. How much sugar is in Mountain Dew? In a liter of the stuff (34 oz) there is 124g of sugar, which is equal to 31 teaspoons. But she got a 64 ounce drink, so basically double that. So over the course of the day she will be putting in her body 248g of sugar, or 62 teaspoons. In that drink along there is 880 calories. How much of those calories are from sugar, you ask? 880 calories. 100% from sugar.
No wonder you’re fat.
Imagine what her kids look like?
So I guess I misspoke when I answered my friend in the manner I did, essentially that I am no sure I have anything I am passionate about. I guess I do have some things. They may not all be triathlon focused, but they have a link to it in some aspects: Childhood Obesity, Affordable Healthy Food, Becoming Active No Matter What Weight or Age You Are, The “Have’s” Helping the “Have Not’s”, Eradication of Cancer, Affordable Top Level Health Care for EVERYONE Regardless of Income or Status.
Those are Passion’s right? 

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  • December 6, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Those absolutely count as passions! And yes, no wonder so many are fat. Sad that fast food is so cheap, easy, and affordable.

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