Product Review: Shower Pill

We have all been there …
A nice scheduled long run on a Saturday morning in the Florida heat ending up with your clothes drenched like you had just run through a car wash. You towel off as best you can before getting in your car, but you can never get it all because your core temperature is so high the sweat just reappears. You have to stop at the store on the way home, but that’s OK because you thought ahead and threw extra clothes in the car just in case this very thing happened. So you grab them and head into the bathroom to change, with your trust towel in hand. You get as dry as possible, thrown on your fresh clothes and head back to the car. On the way to the store, you notice … a smell. Is the engine overheating? No .. all the gauges seem normal. Am I burning oil. Nope. Did some creature crawl in my car and die? No … that’s not it. At a stop light you reach back into the back seat and that’s when it hits you … 
Oh my God … 
It’s ME!!
You dried off and put on fresh dry clothes, but the stench associated with the long run has taken up residence in your armpits and has decided it likes it there so is planning on staying. You can’t go to the store like this. You can’t run into Starbucks and get the Very Berry Refresher. No .. you care too much for your fellow man to subject them to this stench. So you end up driving all the way home to get a shower before driving back out to run the errands.
You know it’s happened to you. And even if you think you don’t smell … trust us … you do.
So what is the alternative?
Luckily there is one.
ShowerPill is an athletic wipe that comes conveniently packaged in a tear away pouch that is meant for you to keep in your car, gym bag, briefcase, desk drawer; basically any place where you might need a quick refresher before heading into that important meeting. Personally I have not run or biked to, from, or during work because there is no place to shower afterwards. While ShowerPill does not, and cannot, take the pace of a good shower, it does contain ingredients (alcohol and Parebens free) that reduce bacteria (Benzalkonium), and includes Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, all on a folded sheet that you use to wipe all those parts which are offending those around you.
Since I am a big guy, I was interested to see if one cloth would be enough to cover me without having to break open another one, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it did with no problem. I have used it twice; once during an early run and again during a late run, and it performed as advertised. It has a nice clean smell, barely detectable, which is probably due to the lack of alcohol. It does list “fragrance” in its ingredients list, but I barely noticed it. I also wondered how the evaporation would work without the alcohol but it dried very quickly and without any hint of residue.
They provided me with samples to try before writing this review, but I can honestly say that I have already placed it on my order list and will be carrying pouches with me from here on out. Take a visit to their web site at and watch the video, then head over to Amazon and grab yourself a box. 
And if you think you don’t need this?
Trust us … you do!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Shower Pill

  • November 18, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    Ahh… there's nothing quite like Florida summer run sweat. 😉

  • November 16, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    I use baby wipes, but this is a nice alternative to smelling like powered butt. Lol!

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